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Book Review: The Secret World Of Self-Employment

My name is Terri Pattio. I am happy to be sharing my review of a book by my good friend Tom Riach. In my humble opinion, I believe it’s a must for people to read this book. That is why I decided to give this review about his book so you can make an informed decision to get your copy today by clicking the image or banner below.


First thing I want to do is tell you a little about the author Tom Riach. I have known him for what seems like forever. I have come to know him very well and know what type of person he is.

Tom is a caring, helpful and experienced individual and his willingness to help everyone be successful. His success record is validated by many people that have recognized his level of expertise.

His mastery and writing talents are obvious to me. He has a way of expressing his thoughts and conveying his message in a clear and simple way for you to understand so that you can reap the rewards of his experience and knowledge.



In his early twenties Tom’s independent spirit and drive saw him quickly become self-employed. He set up, acquired and operated a string of small businesses; then help others to do likewise. He excelled hands-on consultant to the self-employed and to owners of family enterprises; then to major companies and organizations.

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Book Review: The Secret World of Self-Employment

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    I recommend this book highly. 

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    I have spent the last 10 years in an online business, and another 30 running offline businesses. This book was recommended to me by another business owner who has been in business most of their life. We both learned something of value that has already helped with my business. I highly recommend reading it. Well worth the price for what you gain. 

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    Terri, this is a wonderful and truthful Review of "The Secret World of Self-Improvement".  And I concur with everthing you said about Tom.  I am glad to have met him and am a better person for it.  I have already began to take action on the principles he's laid out in the Book.  He makes you feel like you're sitting in his Office in the sunny south of Portugal and he's talking directly to you.  I know, every point in the Book will target something in every entreprenuer minded person, who reads it...even those who don't know they're entreprenuers yet.  I read your review and Chapter 4 is indeed powerful, honestly they all are.  But I actually wrote out and took the interview it's a great place to start to learn about you.  I think this Book should be a best seller, hands down.  It's small in price but priceless in content. 

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      Thank you Robin for your comments. I believe it will be the book of the year. I love the title and the information in it is powerful for people to be successful as self employed business owners.

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