As we move up in the world, especially in the business world, we are going to run into people from all cultures and walks of life.  Business, in my opinion, is the only true melting pot.  We should not judge but accept.  It is on us to learn how to be a part of the mix.  This is very important if we are to build and cultivate lasting relationships in the world of business.


Everyone has a culture or group that they identify with.  Everyone learns traits and behavior from a cultural template.  There is black urban culture, there is white suburban culture, there is culture based on race, religion, nationality, socioeconomic status, sexual preference, age and interests.  It is human nature to want to latch on to a smaller community you feel comfortable with.  From the time we were little kids we all want to dress and talk like that group in class that we identified with the most.  In my days as an educator, I saw so much of this kind of behavior of latching on being exhibited.  It always gave me an opening to teach short lessons on building relationships outside of your box.



But now it is time to shed some of those old clothes of being inside of the box.  Like the Reverend Al Sharpton once said at a Democratic convention, “It is not about where you are coming from, but where you are going to.”  Continue here...

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  • We attended a church for a while that had a number of different cultures and ethnic backgrounds.  It was wonderful!

  • Loved it Kathleen, thanks for sharing.

  • Building Relationships is a great subject and it is true that we need to take the time to get out of the box and create some new relationships daily.  Thanks for sharing.  Liked and Shared.

  • Motivating words! Now we have to "do." =) I agree- we focus too much on differences. I think the fact that I'm not overly franchised to one culture that allows me to be open minded. I could consider myself Korean, but I'm adopted and not really accepted by Koreans. I'm not considered white either, despite the fact I was raised by Caucasians.

    I'm married to a half Mexican who considers himself Mexican. So I surround myself with Mexican people without identifying myself as such. I'm more of a mix and I like it that way.

    I guess I'm a cultural free agent- I'm just attracted to quality. Blessings to you~

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