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Business Ethical Issues

Business Ethical Issues

Business Ethical Issues

Business ethical issues, "The black, the white and the gray." Just because something isn't really wrong certainly does NOT make it right.

No where else on Earth is this more important in business than in Internet Marketing. Most marketers when thinking of ethics, the first thing that comes to mind is Spamming.

This of course is rightly so however, there are some nuances of ethics that fall in that gray area. In this post I will be covering one particular one.

For the simple reason I really don't know what else to call this I will label it:

Business Ethical Issues

This actually covers a lot of different tactics but, I want to talk to you about only one which involves blogs.

Naturally, it could be used on Web Pages as well but you see it more on blogs.

It falls in that gray area of right and wrong.

The dilemma I am talking about is placing one of those plugins on your blog that if they comment they are automatically signed up as a lead. There are 3 responses to this when someone reads it:

  1. Anger
  2. Hey now that's a thought!
  3. Well, I"m really not sure

Those that are angered by the thought fall on the, "Wrong" side, those that are going to ask me where they can find that plugin defiantly, on the "Right" side.

Those that are really not sure will fall on the "Gray" area and use it only if they get desperate enough.

Now, down to business.

Obviously, it's not (internet police wrong) or these plugins and such would have already been band. Therefore this falls into a more personal ethics categorical decision.

Think about this in relation to yourself. Would "You" appreciate after taking your time reading someone's blog, and commenting for them finding yourself on their list?


You might at this point be thinking, "Well to each their own, I mean if it's not wrong then who cares?"

Business Ethical Issues

What one marketer does effects us all.

Remember this as you go through you dealings with other people. It's very important because not so long ago we as Marketers had a more undesirable reputation than convicts!

If you think I'm kidding here, ask some that has been in marketing for a while now. They will tell you it's been a long hard road to branding ourselves as (Real Business People) and not Charlestons,Scam Artist and Pyramid King and Queens.

Sadly we have not completed building our reputation. When someone does something that looks or feels shady it sets us back ten years.


Business Ethical Issues

Respect yourself and your career!

Susan J Boston

In marketing it's never about you and ALWAYS about the other person. Believe it, Remember it,  Practice it and success with be yours.

Skype: susanjboston

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  • Thank you for the blog post. Liked and shared.

  • Excellent article Joan.  I agree with Kathryn's comment below as well.  Liked and Shared.

  • Great article Susan.  Thanks for sharing  'Business Ethical Issues'   Over the many years that I have used facebook and skype, there are many times per month that I am added to a groups, rooms, events without my permission.  No one explains why I am in there and then I am fired a lot of ads or they just do not say anything to you at all.   People need to show respect and not just put them into these rooms.  Also in skype I am often requested to add a contact.  I add them because I think they have answered an ad or want more information about my business.  No  hello's.  No thank you for adding me to their contact list. No relationship building.  They just fire an ad at me.  Even after that, if I do not delete them, they will send me an ad every single day.   I personally do not believe in the plugin's and gadgets used to try to add members to your contact list in either facebook or skype.   A friendship/relationship needs to be formed.  Get to know each other.  Find out what they are looking for.  Create a converation.  Ask them if what they are doing is working for them and if they are looking to work online from home.  I really do hate it when people just fire me an ad in both facebook and skype etc. Just because there are tools that are allowed to be used with social programs some of these tools just are not proper practice if you want to build a lasting online working relationship with anyone.  That is just my own opinion.  :+)    so if anyone disagrees with me... Lets agree to disagree :+)  I have recently had a couple apologize to me for sending me their skype ads.  They said they used a program so they could send an ad to every single person in their contact list.   To me that is spam. 

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    First of all I think your post it will be very well received here and if it’s not, it should be because I personally love your post.


    If you will look however, I said it is NOT Un-ethical; it's a matter of personal ethics.


    Personally, (and I am sorry if I offend you with my opinion.) but I feel that placing someone on a list without prior knowledge is not a good business practice.


    As for the Scam Artist...etc. that is not a reflection on someone using those types of tools it's a basic warning for new people coming into our business.


    I have used the plugin you’re talking about on WP but there are others out there as well. However, the one on WP gives you (the user), the option to silently sign up people or not. I chose not to do that and that was MY personal choice.


    I have seen on Facebook how upset people get when someone just pop's them in a group. So, you have to think how mad is that going to make someone you want a relationship with to just put them on your list.


    See what I mean? Then as a marketer you also have to look at this from your own reputation point of view example:


    If someone places a person on a list silently and they this person starts getting emails (and not knowing really why or maybe even where from) how long would it before the sender is going to have a spam report list a mile long?


    I am just trying to help out those that have not really thought things through. I am truly sorry if you are offended. It is not my intention to do so; let me re-state my position on the matter. It's not that it's not ethical by legal definition it IS a personal ethical preference.


    Thank you sincerely for your post Mallory. My hope is that everyone on here will learn from your post and will realize that you must state your mind and your opinion. Let the you shine through. :)


    Thank you,



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    Susan, I am sorry, but I take offense to your slamming and calling people name like ....."and not Charlestons,Scam Artist and Pyramid King and Queens" because they are using legitimate Internet tools. The "plug-Ins" you are referring to are part of WordPress and other blogs and websites. They were developed AS TOOLS by Ethical Business people to assist and help those who are Internet Savvy and wish to use them.

    I am a 17 year, successful, Direct Sales Network Marketer & Trainer who has branded herself over those years (Compassionate Marketing AND my good name) using Relationship Building and other tools available, like my training blog, training center and now Social Media. The Internet is STILL like the wild west for those who do not know their way around it, agreed, however to malign and call "unethical" the usage of legitimate tools, in my opinion is not generous, albeit a great article title.

    For the record, I do not use the technical plug ins, nor Word Press simply because I do not care to go on the learning curve to figure out how to use them all. That includes Word Press itself. There IS a learning curve for these types of things, and if a person applies themselves you cannot demean them for employing them.

    I realize my opinion will probably not be well received here, but that is fine. Open minds understand that there are a plethora of tools out there for people to use to promote themselves successfully and it is their choice to use them and HOW to use them.

    Internet Marketing is a different animal than Network Marketing. Those who choose to Internet Market generally do not wish to have human contact. They troll the Internet hoping for folks to click, buy or yes, fill out a form so they get put into an autoresponder to be dripped on.
     They do not wish to develop Personal Relationships (or have personal contact)

    Network Marketing Professionals know that the Internet is only a tool and that developing Personal Relationship is what brings success. Personal ethics are a choice, Susan, and they have nothing really to do with Internet or Direct Sales Marketing. They have to do with the Human Being and their Personal Values. I choose to do business with those who hold themselves to a level of Integrity, and I evaluate that on a one on one basis and NEVER assume the reason people do things.

    I appreciate your zeal and your contributions here on syndication express. That we can express our opinions and agree or disagree in this, and any other forum, should be a welcome tool in learning :-)

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    Hi Merle,

    Yes, I agree if I want on someone list I know how to get there lol. I don't supposed it actually not an ethical practice but at the very least to me it is a rude one.

    Thanks for reading my blog and sharing :)


  • Great post Susan and I always like to make my own mind up if I want to be on someone's list not be put on a list automatically.  Thanks for sharing and have shared for you.

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    Thank you Terri for sharing it :)

    Yes, we all have to answer for how we conduct ourselves and our business. I would rather lose a lead than to lose my community respect.


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    As you said in your post, this can go several different ways, it depends on the individual. I am not the judge of anyone, only God has that right. Liked and shared on Facebook, Google + and tweeted for more people to share their thoughts on this subject.

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