Can An Online Business Really Work For You?

Can An Online Business Really Work For You?

Have you seen the super hyped up ads about making it rich overnight on the Internet?

Sure we all have.

Do you believe it?

Most people don't and with good reason...anything that promises over-night riches is just not true.  It's pretty obvious and the old saying is true... "If it sounds too good to be true, it probably is."women-thinking4

Here is the problem though... Even though there is an element of the "Too Good To Be True" Crowd out there... making a great income online IS VERY POSSIBLE.  However the riches don't come over night.

But you can get rich online if you really want it.  That is a fact and it's not just super talented geeky people that were in the right time and right place.

It's people just like you and I who realized there is something better out there and see the power and potential of the Internet.

Now getting rich isn't going to happen overnight but here is what is pretty cool... making a great income faster is very common on the Internet.


Because of the reach the Internet has.  Because of the ease of products and services that can be delivered.  This truly is a global business.

So how do you avoid the fraudsters out there and stick with the proven systems and programs that work?  Here are 6 tips to help you on the right path...

1. Look for a business that promotes solid products.

The way a person makes money online is by selling a product or service to others.  This can be a physical or digital product.  Some type of transaction has to take place.  The product you promote needs to be something that people will purchase even if there was not an opportunity behind it.  The products need to be high quality and reputable.  The best products will be consumable or subscription based so that customers order each and every month.

2. Beware of hyped up claims and promises.

These are rampant online and they are usually easy to spot.  Go with your gut feeling.  However I do want to point out something VERY important.  Regular people have been able to make great incomes on line in a short period of time.  Don't automatically discount these as scams.  Here is an example.  One of my mentors who decided to look online for a solution, worked really hard his first 2 months and made $40,000 promoting affiliate products.  Hen then went on to triple his income at his corporate job in 9 months.  There are many many other examples just like this online and they are real.

You will know when something is real when it involves actually work and dedication.

3. Look for solid leadership

Take a look at the company you are getting involved with and look at the leaders.  Do they practice what they preach?  Do they do what they say they are going to do?  They they promote hard work and give realistic expectations?  Do they inspire you to be better?  That is the kind of product and company you want to be involved with.

4. Believe

You really need to understand and believe that you CAN make a great income online and there are thousands and thousands of every day people who do.  You need to stay away from the obvious scams but at the same time you need to understand that most ARE real.  Many times though if you are so skeptical of everything you will never believe in an opportunity or in yourself.  Many times this is the biggest challenge of all.

5.  Look for an opportunity that pays you for a long time.

There are many ways to make money on the Internet.  Sometimes there are temporary tricks that work for a short time that can bring in great incomes...but they are soon gone.  Google changes the rules or some other type of issue happens.  Look for products or opportunities that will be around for a long time and more importantly...will pay you monthly income for a long time to come.

6.  Find a marketing system that you and anyone else can follow and implement.

One of the biggest questions you may have about your new business is, "What will I be doing on a daily basis?"   This is a critical to know as you need to be able to do something that is simple yet effective.  Also if you expect others to do the same thing it needs to be what we call duplicatable.   A simple rule is this... "If a 5th grader can do it...then it's simple enough to duplicate."

Having a powerful but simple system is critical for an online business to work for you or anyone.

Following the above 6 tips will help you find the opportunities that are real and will help you make the right decision on if it's the right fit for you.

If you are looking for a solid opportunity, with products that will last a long time and pay each and every month and you are looking for a simple system to follow, watch the video below.

Watch This Video

...and follow the simple steps.  It's working for me and thousands of others out there online.


Wolf 001


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  • Thank you Angela and yes Julie, very good.
  • Well said Merle!  This is a great blog for those seeking a home business.  I'd like to add to your paragraph about a "solid product."  Would you use the product, and are you passionate about it?  If you cannot answer "yes" to these questions, look for another business.

  • Excellent article Merle filled with some really good tips to be lead by.  There are many fraudulent businesses online to be Leary of.  Liked and Shared.

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