Caring For Others

When I was a security guard in San Diego, I became friends with a few of the guards. We would hangout and have fun after work or on our days off.

I started working for two different security companies and one day I was working the second security company and a friend from the other company called me up crying and telling me she could not breathe. 

 I called her a few times to find her location and she kept hanging up on me. I found out she was still at one of the locations so I called the office and told them what was going on. They said she was sent home. I said no you better go check  the parking lots because she's telling me she can't breathe. 

Sure enough they found her passed out in her truck. Had to break her window but they were able to help her and sent her to the ER. She thanked me so much she told everyone I was her cousin and I was always there to help her anytime.  

I think we should always be there for others, out of kindness. 

  Not to many people care to be nice anymore these days.

If you claim to be a Christian you should already have kindness in your heart. 

  It's like that saying WHAT WOULD JESUS DO? We should be fallowing his ways right?

  I enjoy helping others in anyway that I can.   That's why when I took a chance to join Plexus and get the help I needed and have the chance to share it with others that need the healling in their bodies as well.   

The Good Lord does not want anyone to suffer pain. So after Plexus products were created they called the products A God Send  Products because they have helped so many people with so many sickness and diseases. They are AMAZING products.

  I enjoy seeing  others getting their health back and able to do more in their daily life then they were able to before they started Plexus.   Why second guess when the testimonies are there to show you it works great?

  It was meant for type 2 diabetics and it ended up helping more then diabetics that is very awesome! Not to many products out there can help with more then just one thing. 
If you would like to know what can help your health issues you can send me a msg or call me anytime 
These products are well worth it if your wanting something that helps you get your health back to normal!!        


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