When I was a child I was told money did not grow on trees by my mother. It was a repetitive statement in our household. that was a word was not allowed to be used freely while growing up. Although my mother flourished me with toys as a child and clothing because she was the local village dressmaker. At times I needed to purchase something, when I ask would ask her for money, her reply would be, " go and ask your father." Living in the Caribbean years ago the men took care of the finance.
Now to ask my father is a process I have to create a well put together plan. He received his paycheck every fortnight from working on the plantation. He was a truck diver who carried the fresh produce into the city to be exported to countries around the world. I would create a fun plan making funny jokes had me dad and mom laughing although my mother knew the plan. This might go on for over an hour with my stomach full of butterflies and eventually I would ask the million dollar question. " I saw something in a store and would I please get the money to purchase it?" I would feel that the earth stood still in silence, smiles and laughter disappeared. My little voice will rise with the sound of ,"please dad." he would have to think about it and I would have to await another two weeks to receive it. What a release I finally did it, I am so proud of myself no more fingernail biting.
What I know now and the lessons I learnt from that experience there are ways to create extra passive income while investing on a small scale and only if my father knew, I we grew up with such stigmas on money and it is so easy to create wealth by saving on a regular basis and this is what Karatbars has done for my entire family. It has created freedom and long term wealth. Come join the gold saving family.

Camille Cameron


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    There is a powerful message in these words Camille.  As long as you believe you can do it nothing can stop you.  You will find a way, and financial freedom for you but also your loved ones is a Goal worth working for. 


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    Great to see you in the SE community again. I enjoyed reading your post and wish you much success in the new year. Thank you for being a member of Syndication Express. 

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