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Cop Drools Over Ex-Wife Is it Strange She's in His Plate?

It's not unusual for a Cop to dream about food an unpleasant dreams of an ex-wife. However, when he dreams of (her) being the meal well that's a bit bizarre don't you think?====>Read More

Stranger still is that this guy has the (shall we call it nerve)

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    Hi Terri,

    Thanks lol yes I found that story a bit out there lol and a cop or should say ex-cop too. Gessssh But what really made me giggle is that he went to that's not really funny but rather frightening but also kind of ironic lol

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    It is strange and bizarre behavior if you ask me. Your title caught my attention Susan. You come up with some great post on your new blog. Shared via Syndication Automation and on the Syndication Express business page on Google. Have a great day and weekend.

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