Costumes for Halloween

Are you wondering what kind of Halloween costume you can find, without much cost, for your youngsters this year?  

Of course, you will want to accompany your children and may want a costume for yourself.  

If you have old bed sheets you don't mind cutting up, that is a place to start.  Ghosts are always popular.  Punch out holes for the eyes. 

You can make all kinds of critters by drawing on large, brown paper bag, turned   inside out:  Cats, Dogs, Ghouls.  

Those large handkerchiefs in red and blue would help create a pirate's or a sailor's costume. 

A large trash bag can cover the clothing your child is wearing.  You can paste cut outs
from magazines to add photos or spell out a scary message with words to it. 

If you have canes, walkers, pots, pans, sponges or brooms at hand, put them to use.  

Check your closet and bureaus for apparel from the olden days including hats, scarves, jewelry, and head bands.  

Contemporary items are excellent choices, as well, like gloves, hoodies, pajamas, 
night gowns, and rain coats.

Ellen DeGeneres has costume ideas on youtube, too:

You can watch this video slideshow for the most original, beautiful, cute, funny and
creative homemade Halloween Costumes from an online Halloween Costume Contest
at  .

The important thing is to have fun and get some exercise walking your neighborhood. 

Of course, if you indulge in some of the loot you brought home, you will need exercise
to work off those calories.  

The other important thing is safety.  Check each item carefully for tampering. 

Happy Halloween to each of you.

Sandy Falagan
Walker, Louisiana
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  • Hello Susan,

    Thank you for reading my blog.  I appreciate your comments.

    You are correct.  That is why an adult must accompany children when they go trick and treating. 

  • Top Blogger

    Hi Sandy,

    Those are some really good tips for costumes :) I sure miss the Holidays since the kids are grown up but still love seeing the little ones out and about. However, parents be very careful not just with the candy but the child.

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