Created A New Vision For My Life

Created A New Vision For My Life

When writing about oneself you are often at a loss of words. Strange considering you should know yourself the best...

My name is DeAnn and I'm 43 years old, with an apartment to myself. I'm extraordinary in the many things I do. I work hard everyday for the things I have and the things I want.

My current day job is doing something I love and that is taking care of the elderly. I always enjoy helping people in any way I can. Especially if it's someone who can't do it themselves.

I'm a Christian women who loves to read the Bible. In my life God will always come first. It's through him that all things are possible, and without him there is only the impossible.

I have faced many obstacles in my life and have over come them all, and through these obstacles I have become stronger.


One of the things I have learned early on is that the more people you help in life, the more successful you will become. When you share your blessings with someone else, you are full filling your purpose in this world as a human being. We are all here to help one another. When you receive a measure of success, on whatever level it is, it's your obligation to teach that or share that with someone else in need.


The more you give, the more God puts you in position to continue to give more. When you understand that God blesses you to become a Blesser, it can open up your life and transform it. The more our creator trusts us, the more He can trust us with.


Here is a Plexus Testimony to Share:

Jeddie's testimony: Well, it's been 3 years since this guy has had to wake to an alarm clock to go somewhere else and trade "time" for money (linear income)! You see in July of '12 Plexus had far exceeded my current income, which was the most I had made in my life! And it has grown ever since! I don't say this to brag at all, I say this because this opportunity is here for anyone that wants it. You don't have to be a sales person to do what we do, all you need to do is share your experiences with others, like I am doing right now. That's literally all we have done! Have we worked at sharing those experiences, you bet we have, and the reward is exorbitant! You see, Jeddie loves to play in the dirt, and while my son and I are out playing, rock crawling, or just fixing what we broke on our last adventure, I am still making the same money (residual income)! How cool is that?! I mean really, this past Saturday we shot skeet (for hours), tore up some trails on Jesse's RZR (we didn't mean to turn it over), fellowshipped, ate and watched fireworks all while I made the same amount as I did the day before!

Here are some picture testimonies to share:


It's great for the whole family


“Proof that Plexus Slim is not only for weight loss! My 10 y old son (at the time) went almost 2 years without eating after we were in a car accident. Going from 120 down to 80 pounds. The doctors diagnosed him with Post Traumatic Stress Disorder and labeled him anorexic. They could not find an injury, but he said he had a knot in his throat and could not swallow. He was having multiple panic attacks a day. No going to the movies, no eating out, no nothing. Everything would send him into hyperventilating. Noises, people, smells, you name it. It was a long road… in and out of hospitals, not going to the restroom for 5 weeks. Sitting by his bedside thinking he wasn’t gonna make it through the night on many occasion. It was a living nightmare. What made it so hard was it was all mental. I would beg and cry for him to just take one bite…but he said he couldn’t. This went on from July 24, 2010 till April 2012. The only thing that kept him alive was meal replacement drinks. I started myself on Plexus Slim in March of 2012. After talking to a couple of doctors about the drink and getting approval that the ingredients were safe for children I decided to go ahead and start him on it. His panic attacks got fewer and further between, he quit complaining about the knot in his throat. He slowly began to eat again. I am happy to say that my 5’3″ tall 12 year old son has gained up to 145! I no longer have sleepless nights worrying about him. I really don’t know where we would be today without Plexus Slim. He has one drink every other day now and he is doing fantastic! I think we might go up to one every day now, because he needs it now to keep him where he is at. He may look a little overweight now, but you have no idea how happy that makes me:) He says as soon as he is old enough he is signing up to help others! It feels so good to have our life back! 

Denise Testimony: I joined  for 2 reasons. One I wanted to lose weight for myself and to earn money for my family since I am a stay at home mom.   I have a special needs daughter with severe autism (non verbal) and she is the second reason I joined.   I heard a lot of good things from other parents that it has done wonders for their children I wanted to see if it would help Leanna also.  I have noticed her sleeping better, her moods are better and she has less tantrums. She has been on it for a little over a week and everyday I see more and more changes in her.
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  • Thank you All for reading and committing on my page, have a wonderful week

  • "I'm extraordinary in the many things I do". This DeAnn says it all. I loved this statement! very powerful. thank you for sharing your wonderful story. Regards Rhonda

  • Thank you, DeAnn, for this motivational testimony.  God's Blessings for you and your family. I shared it on Google+.

  • Thank you for sharing DeAnn and great testimonials.

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    Thanks DeAnn for sharing your story and the testimonies about Plexus Slim. May God continue to bless you to bless others. Shared via Syndication Automation, Networkedblogs and the SE page on Google.

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