I am very disappointed in a company I use to be affiliated with.

I am writing this because some of you may be wondering what happened with my Laminine Business. I cannot go onto this in detail because I don’t want to bash anyone. All I can say is companies should not deceive its customers and people they depend on to market their company and sell their product. So I decided to move on.

tough decisions ahead

Perhaps you have suffered a setback, experienced a rejection, or had our hopes and dreams dashed. We may be disappointed in a relationship, our work, or our family life. Some people have a talent for bouncing back from difficult experiences, and we are inspired by them. But others simply lack the resilience to courageously soldier on after a disappointment. We need to be sensitive to them and to that tendency within ourselves.

When we struggle and still fail, we think there is something wrong with us, when it could be that we just took on too much. Our disappointment may also extend to our friends or company. Perhaps we put our trust in them, and they failed to meet our high standards. Discontent seeps into every pore of our bodies, and we feel like everything is hopeless.

Here are some ways to deal with disappointment.Expectations Disappointment

• Ask yourself, what am I disappointed about? Name your disappointments, and then let them go. Do not keep replaying them over and over in your mind. If necessary, forgive someone who has hurt or disappointed you.

• Try a mini-ritual to release your disappointment. Find a stone that signifies your disappointment (it can be as large as you want) and throw it in a pond, or river, or ocean. Or, make a list of disappointments on a piece of paper and then burn the paper in a bowl; as you watch the smoke going up,

• Count your blessings and know in your heart that you have more than enough. See your wealth not in terms of outward possessions but in terms of the spiritual intangibles of faith, hope, and love.

• Don’t allow your ideas about what should or could happen to determine whether you feel happy or sad. Stay in the present.


Unfortunately, there is no magical formula for creating the lives we visualize. No one can tell us what to keep doing and what to do differently. We have to gauge for ourselves what’s working and where we could improve; and then we have to keep going, knowing full well there are no guarantees.

Wishing you well,

                   ~ Turned her Can’ts into Cans ~ Her Dreams into Plans ~