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Details are what makes online marketing work.


Hi All,

I am George Pierce and yes, that is my video in the 3rd spot on page one of a YouTube search in under an hour.  It is ranked above a video with 6.8 MILLION views, mine has a whopping 5 views. 


My content is better, NO, in fact, it is the exact same content.

My channel is bigger, NO, in fact, it is almost brand new.

I am, and always have been quite lucky, so that must be the reason.  

Luck is Labor Under Correct Knowledge, which means that you and I can create our own good luck.  


Online marketing works because of the details. All the little details matter, especially when you are just starting out, such as my new channel. 


Above is a snapshot of the first Mickey Mouse video, and we already know that with 6.8M views on one video alone, that people are watching this video. 


We also know that our content is just as good as our competition, so how can we gain an advantage?   


You already know the answer...the details.

Notice in the above snapshot that this video already has 10 likes on FB which is a matter of sharing, and sharing is little more than copying and pasting your link and interacting with FB groups that focus on your niche.  YT and Google (search engines) love likes, and likes tell the algorithm that this video is worth giving exposure to. 

Notice that the SEO score is 100, which is as high as it gets.  Notice that 16 of the tags are in green.  Green means that the tag ranks on page one of the YT search, and the number is the position.  Most are near the top.  What does that mean? exposure, thank you, to YouTube.  

I cannot take credit for the tags, a free tool called TubeBuddy, did that for me. But I still have to pay attention to the little details, so my videos end up with tags that get on page one.

If you would like to improve your LUCK, Labor Under Correct Knowledge, and if you are willing to provide the labor, I am happy to share my knowledge.

I am happy to provide you with the details. 

What you are seeing above, is an example of a Faceless Video strategy that can make you money on YouTube.  I have put together a step-by-step training series that will not only cover what you need to do but also covers the all important details so that you will get the results.

I invite you to check out the training,

Faceless Video Training Series

Step One ~ The Absolute Fastest Way To Get Free Traffic

Thank you for reading.

Much success,

George Pierce

If you have not seen Mickey's first cartoon, it really is fun to watch, see why he got off to such a great start, and enjoy.

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  • Great to learn about Tubebuddy!

    Maybe I can help someone.

    Thanks George

    • Top Video Contributor

      You are welcome, thanks, Nigel.  Initially, I used VidIQ and TB, and Ugersuggest, I compared the three, and I settled on TB.

    • Tubebuddy is only for big machines. Which do you recommend for Android phones? 

    • Top Video Contributor

      I was not aware.  I live in the mountains with no cell service.  Another option is VidIQ, I do not know if it works for Android phones.  I like TB for SEO better, but VidIQ is very helpful on TikTok, especially for trends.  Thanks, Nigel.  Another suggestion is Ubersuggest, which should work on Android, but the free version is somewhat limited.  

    • Thanks and good luck.

  • Top Member

    Wow George Pierce I'm impressed with the stats you shared about your new channel. It's because of the small details that you did. This iblog post is an example for other Youtubers to follow. People YTers should definitely follow your advice on the subject. It's obvious you know what you doing. Take care and keep it moving. 

    • Top Video Contributor

      Thanks, Terri,  Details matter when you are on a new channel.  Once established on YT, then not so much.  

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