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Details: Marketer Almost Falls to Her Death


by: Susan Boston

Early this morning a Texas Marketer almost falls to her death saved only by the most fragile of threads.  The woman walked out on a ledge that dropped off several hundred feet without knowing the drop off was there.====Read the details

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  • Yes totally understand what you are saying, it is the same with me.

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    Hi Merle, Well I won't say I won't promote it but normally I will check it out very well first, because there are some programs out there that are really good but just don't interest me personally. Those I will promote if I've checked into them. Thanks for your comment :)

  • Great post Susan and I also will not promote anything that I have not researched first or have not used. I like to use something first before promoting it. Thanks for sharing.

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    Hi Julie, I sure hope it did :) thank you.

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    Hi Terri,

    Thank you and I'm glad you like it :) yes integrity and ethics on line (I personally) think are more important that even off line because off line people meet you in person and can decide for them self but on line you have others that can black ball you so to speak and you many times can't defend your self.

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    Hi Judy and thank you :) for your comment

  • Your blog likely opened a few eyes a bit wider.  We all "almost fall" on occasion because we forget to research first.  Thanks for a great post.

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    Susan I loved the title and you are right. Integrity and Ethics are very important tools to succeed online. Shared via Syndication Automation and Google plus.

  • Awesome Susan. Thanks for sharing.

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