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Do What Ya Know to Roll in The Dough


Have you ever tried to work on line with the marketing businesses? If so I'm guessing you were not one of the 1 to 2 percent that actually made millions, thousands or even hundreds for that matter. 


There is a reason for that and I will tell you here in a bit what that reason is but first let me tell you about a restaurant I went to...


When I go up to my daughters house we eat out a lot. I love it, I mean I live in a town with 800===>Read More

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    I hear what you're saying Susan and understand what you mean. Writing is your passion, then do it and see where it takes you. Go for it! 

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    Yes Terri you are that pearl :) and a very nice one too. I don't market much I enjoy writing to much it's my passion but my baby is my Child Like Spirit and even if I could cash in on that one I don't think I could it just doesn't seem like it would be right you know what I mean? But writing is my passion.

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    Alright I'm that pearl Susan. I'm marketing the best product I can find and that's me. YOU give people valuable information, product or service and you'll always earn money online. I do for sure and living the life other's only dream about. 

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