Do You Believe In Your Company?

Before you join an online marketing/affiliate company there are a number of things you should ask yourself:

You Have To ……

You Have To Believe In Your Company

You Have To Believe In Your Company

  • Are they honest, ethical, capable of making good business decisions, do they do what they say they are going to do, are they loyal, are they professional and are they likeable.  All of these things must be in place for you to trust them.
  • Products – are they of high quality, are the prices competitive, do they have a good support team and do they update their products.
  • Comp Plan – you have to believe the comp plan will make you money.  Is it a fair comp plan.  Do they have good incentives.  These all form good habits.
  • Professional – Some people think saying MLM. Is embarrassing.  If someone asks you what you do are you ok saying you are in MLM or are you embarrassed?  If you are embarrassed this will hold you back and you are unlikely to be successful.
  • Marketing System – Having a marketing system with even a little people can be successful.  With SMS anyone can do this because even the big guys are using it as well.  do you believe it works?  Is it simple enough? Could a non techi person do this?  Is it duplicatable?  Can others duplicate your results?  Can you get leads?  I can honestly say yes to all of these with the Simple Money System and Pure Leverage.
  • Upline – Do you get support from your upline?  Are they there for you?  Are they always available to talk to?  Do they lead by example?
  • Culture – Is it a strong healthy culture that resonates with you?  Some companies have a great business model but the culture of the company doesn’t resonate with you.  It is extremely important for you to resonate with a company.
  • Lastly YOU – Do you believe in yourself?  Do you have a WHY ?  Is your WHY strong enough to pull you through?  Do you believe you have the time and the skills?  (You have to make the time) and do you believe you are persistent?

There are 168 hours in a week and statistics show that an average person spends 56 hours sleeping, 40 hours working and 35 hours eating, showering, travelling etc which leaves 37 hours spare.  Is that not enough time to persue your dreams?  Once you have found the right company and have your dreams and a strong why then you will always find the time to reach your goals.  This is where The Simple Money System can help….

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