Dog is my Co-Pilot

The Daily Meditation 1.28.2014

“Dog is my Co-Pilot”

Lynn Taylor, Practitioner I Student


Each and every day, as I move through this human life, I have a guide right here on this earth. Dog is my navigator, and her name is Kira. When I stumble, Kira is there to lick my face letting me know I am loved. When I am angry and speak harshly to the air, Kira reacts as if it is directed towards her and reminds me that anger and harsh words do have an effect, even when directed at nothing and no one. When I am melancholy, Kira provides silent support reminding me I am never alone. God is Kira. Kira is God. Dog is my navigator, my spiritual compass. As soon as this realization occurs, a greater Truth is revealed.

God is all. God is all there is. Nothing exists outside of God. God is Love.

I am. I am a part of All. I am a part of God. God is me. I am Love and Love is me. As I know, that I know, that I know to infinity that this is true for me I know it is true for my friend Kira and I know it is true for everyone and everything.

Every person, everything and every situation, with which I interact, is a spiritual guide to the extent I accept them. Each person I meet, no matter how brief the interaction, each blade of grass, every tree, smokestack, building, or sunset that enters my consciousness reminds me that I am One of the One. Every rock I sit upon, step on, or over is God. I state unequivocally, without doubt or reservation, that right here in this moment, I accept every person, place, thing, and situation as spiritual guide, navigator and constant reminder, leading me back to who and what I have always been, an important and integral part of the All, of God.

I am so very grateful that Kira became part of my life. I give thanks that I recognize who and what she is, God reminding me of who and what I am. I am grateful for the realization that everyone and everything I experience is the same reminder of who and what I am, a Son of God.

I release these words, knowing that as soon as they are spoken, they are planted in the soil of the Law of Cause and Effect. And I know that they return to me from that Law, fully manifest into complete and perfect form on this physical plane.

And So It Is.

Lynn Taylor is a Practitioner I Student at the Rio Grande Center For Spiritual Living, Albuquerque, New Mexico.

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