Dog Wheels - Boy Makes A Difference

Boy Raises Money for Dog's Wheelchair

For centuries a dog has been known as “man’s best friend,” but for Ryder McConathy, his dog is like a brother. So when his pooch developed a disability, this compassionate 8-year-old boy jumped into action. He knew he had to do something to help.
“He fell down the whole set of stairs and the next day his feet were sort of dragging and we realized [what] had happened to him,” said owner.
Ryder’s 9-year-old dog, Cacious, was diagnosed with degenerative mylopathy last fall which caused him to lose function of his hind leg. The solution was an expensive set of wheels. It was then that Ryder jumped into action; stepped up to the plate and started selling colorful magnets and key-chains to raise enough money to get the set of wheels.
According to WLEX, Ryder raised $315 in a matter of days. More than enough to buy “ Cash” his first set of wheels and give him more freedom and mobility. The “leftover money” will be donated to the Humane Society.
Mom, Lyssa McConathy,  notes that  Cacious  is now  pain-free, playful as ever and follows his “brother” around the yard. Further, this 8-year-old grade school student, Ryder, has already learned the valuable lessons of acceptance, compassion and making a difference.
What lessons for us all to master! Who do you know that needs compassion and acceptance and to whom you can make a difference – a disabled veteran,  a sick neighbor, a starving child, a homeless person, an abandoned baby, a hopeless teenager, an abused wife, an abandoned pet?

Sometimes it’s a small act of selflessness that can radically change the direction of a life - A donation (time, talent, treasure) to a Homeless Shelter, AIDS Initiative or Disaster Relief.  Sometimes it could be sponsoring a child, adopting a kid, mentoring a youth or simply providing exceptional service to a client.  Like Ryder, let’s all make a positive difference!


"For even the  Son of Man did not come to be served, but to serve... (Mark 10:45)


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