Domain Names – Why Should You Have a Web Page?

OK, you have started an online marketing business selling a product or service. The company gave you a splash page for free! Hold on - let’s talk about splash pages. Open it up and take a good long look. You may see lots of moving words, large words, and large pictures. But look at the part that is unique to you: a little picture of you (maybe) and your name. Your name is probably in the smallest letter size of the whole page.

Now imagine the customer. Someone suggested this site or sent you a link. What does he see when the page opens up? The company’s name in huge letters across the top. Where is your name? In the corner or on the side. Which do you think our customer will remember? You got it- the company name. You see, the company doesn’t care if you get the business or if another representative gets it; their profit margin is the same.

How do you make sure your name makes the bigger impression? Use your own web page with your name at the top in big letters and your smiling face looking out at them!

How? We at Winning Domain Names specialize in selecting a fitting, eye-catching and easy-to-remember name for your web site. If none on our current list meets your needs, we will learn about your niche market and select one for you that describes your business exactly. We know how the search engines work, so we can select a domain name for you that will pop up when a prospective customer types in keywords.

We can also design and set up your web site to inform the customer of your capabilities so he can decide if it meets his needs. We’ll make sure your statements are phrased and spelled correctly so the customer understands your product or service. You want to make a good impression and this is your chance. We’ll put in a call to action so he can type in his email address to receive more information. We’ll make sure the information on your page is informative so the customer realizes you are knowledgeable in your field and a worthy associate.

We can help you with your standard emails to your customers, making sure you sound like the intelligent person you are. We can help you design and implement your advertising campaigns, designing banners and giving you advice on techniques to expose your business to the largest audience. In these and many other ways, we’ll help your web site shine brightly, showing prospective customers how well you can meet their needs and exceed their expectations.

For more information and to see samples of our work, please visit our web site or email us.

We’re looking forward to helping you achieve success!

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