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Domestic Violence Life is Too Short...

Domestic Violence Life is Too Short...


Domestic Violence Awareness should be every moment, hour, day, month, year (not just one month). This is something that effects so many people day in and day out. Those that live with this horrible thing lives with fear.


No one should live life that way. No one HAS to live life that way. 

Men you too can be a victim of Domestic Violence, being and man doesn't mean you just have to take it get help call the hot line. 1-800-799-7233



I understand that your afraid, I understand you fear the abuser might kill you if you leave. However====>Read More Click Here Now

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    Hello Stephen,

    Is Domestic violence is international it's so sad and turning a blind eye is not an option I agree with you. You are welcome for the post and thank you for reading it I hope you will pass the work along.

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    Hi Bill yes the sooner they get out the easier it is and less danger they will be in compared to them staying for a long time then trying to get out. Thanks for commenting :)

  • Domestic violence in an international problem but must be addressed on a personal level. We should never turn a blind eye to such atrocities especially against the young. Thanks for raising awareness.
  • I agree Susan, at the very first sign of abuse, the person should leave the relationship and stay as far a way from the abuser as possible. Once it starts, it never stops...

  • Thanks Susan but just wish I had done it sooner before living in another country.

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    Hi Terri,

    Yes it is a very serious matter and happens more than many people think and it also happens to men as well even though they rarely will turn it in and just suffer on because they think it's not manly to tell others. I hope this post will help others. Thank you so much for sharing.

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    Merle, Bless your heart. No one should have to deal with that at all. I only had one time that my ex-husband back handed me. He didn't do it for the power was just a reaction type thing. But that was it I knew then and there it was over.

    Now, my son is married to someone that has left him bleeding. No one has the right to put their hands on another. I'm glad you got out :)

  • Thank you Susan for this post as this is something close to my heart.  I put up with 2 violent marriages - both lasted 9 years but full of violence.  It was hard to get away from both of them but I did it and have never looked back.  Thanks for sharing.

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    Excellent post and subject Susan. Domestic violence is very serious and you're right it is the abuser who has the problem. Shared via Syndication Automation, Networkedblogs, Pinterest and the SE page on Google.

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