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Don’t TELL ME Words Don’t Hurt


A very long time ago I enlisted in one of the military services. We arrived at Boot Camp, got off the bus and were showed our dwellings for the next 8 weeks. The walls were OD green, many won’t know what that means but trust me it’s the most depressing green you have ever seen on a wall. The floors were dark brown and the lighting would have made any Haunted house proud. We came in the door to a large room (presumably the living or visiting room) and continued following one of the Drill Sargents down a narrow hall to our bunk assignments. There was one girl in the lead that suddenly FREAKED OUT! This girl started screaming “I want out of here NOW, this is like a tomb and I’m not staying, that “GodD” Flag doesn’t mean a damn thing to me.===>Read On

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    We're all human and have a heart when we choose to show it.  Thank you Susan for sharing your blog post today. I enjoyed reading it. 

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