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Don't Work For Success Let Success Work For You

Don't Work For Success Let Success Work For You

Don't Work For Success Let Success Work For You.



We all know those people working so hard for their success. Typically, these people are striving for success at a job. There are indeed professions out there with rewarding paychecks. The catch to a job is you have to go to work and do a job. This scenario is known as working for success.


Real success is when your success works for you. When your success starts working for you, is when your income continues to grow from the work you have already done, this scenario is called residual, passive income, and recurring revenue. 


The primary tools to achieve passive income are leads, prospects, customers, and clients. Unforunintally, collecting these tools will be the hardest part of growing your business. There are three primary ways you can do this:

  1. Go to family, friends.
  2. Go to social media
  3. Advertise


I can tell you right now most likely you can forget number one on that list. Social media is not much better. With those two options being what they are, it only leaves number three.


Although the third option does work, it can be very time consuming and costly. I could write a whole other post on that alone, and I may post on the topic in the future. Right now, however, I want to show you something that you can use for free to get leads, prospects, and signups, or blog followers.


What I'm going to show you does require you to get a membership. Don't worry, your membership is free, and yes you will get prospects on the free membership.


I started one morning and by mid-afternoon the next day I had over 500 leads. Since then, it's grown by thousands. This with me doing nothing but signing up for the free membership. If you want to grow your business, blog, or need customers for anything then click here now.


You can learn all you want to know, and you can use it and learn it all for free. There are other memberships, but that is up to you, even as a free member you are going to get leads.


I hope this helps you along your way,

Bless you and all those lives you touch,


Susan J. Boston



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  • Great article Susan! Relationships are based on know like and trust! Nothing else.
  • Top Member
    Very impressive blog post Susan. I always say that "Relationships is the key to Success." This is great information and beneficial for people to know.
    • Top Blogger
      Hi Terri, thank you :) it really is great you should take a look too, you might could put SE on there or any business you might do. I'm still learning it as well. Be safe and have a great rest of the week.
    • Top Member
      How long have you been in it Susan? It's been around for several years. Since it's still around, this is a plus.
    • Top Blogger
      I started Aug 8 by the 9th I had over 500 it is way up there now cant remember the number exactly
      Yes i didn't know about it until another marketer I've worked with a lot of years told me
    • Top Member
      That's good Susan, happy to hear of your success.
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