Everything that Exists if Of God

The Daily Meditation 1.18.2014

Everything that Exists if Of God

Eva Gate’ is a Practitioner II Student

evagate.png?width=140There is One Being that encompasses all that is in form and in non-manifested fields of energy. All that is visible is God, the One Being out of which all is made. The Universe is the Body of God as its creation and  expression. The Universe is order, Love, Law, Beauty, Harmony, Peace, Compassion and Serenity. Everything that exists is of God. God is Abundance, Prosperity and the Good.

I am one with the wholeness in the Universe. I speak for myself and for you as one with God within and without for it is the same God from Whom there is no separation. We are expressions of the oneness that encompasses us. We live in the love of God who Bestows its love to us freely. we live in beauty, harmony, peace, compassion abundance and serenity. We are blessed.  

I am one with God; I am peaceful and in harmony with my beliefs and my meditation. I am surrounded and infused with love with God. each day, I bring myself into alignment with the one within me. My meditation creates a smooth path for the unfolding day. I feel the harmony with me as I see the sun rise and set with the colors of rose, gold and lavender. I experience the beauty that is around me. It is in the people I meet, the plants that generously feed me, the animals that grace the forests and meadow. My spiritual understanding is enriched. I am an expression of God in this life time to grow spiritually and to experience challenges and to truly become one with the wholeness of all.

I am grateful for this life and all that I learn. My journey this lifetime is full of experiences enriching my spiritual unfolding. I live in a universe of love and beauty, abundance of all that is good. i am grateful for knowing and experiencing the love and compassion of God.

I release my word into the Law for action and I know that it will not return to me null and void for it s now in action and is done. and so it is.

Eva Gate’ is a Practitioner II Student at the Rio Grande Center For Spiritual Living, Albuquerque, New Mexico.

***If you have a prayer request please email it to prayer@rgcsl.org ***

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