Father Doesn't Always Know Best

Has your dad suggested that you are crazy to be working a home-based business?  Has your best friend encouraged you over and over again to get a “real” job?  How about people you know who say something to the effect of “Let me know when you start making money.  I’ll join then.”  In their minds, that day will never come. 

All these people mean well.  They love and care about you, but if they have never had a successful home business, they are not the people from whom you should be taking advice.

I have had new team members join my company who are excited and full of plans to build a great business.  A day or two passes, and then they tell me, “My wife told me it was a scam.  So I’m quitting.”  

If people are intelligent enough to research a business opportunity, finding nothing negative about it, why are they so quick to believe a couple people they know, because they tried it and failed or simply believe all home businesses are scams? 

Don’t listen to the wrong people!  Once you find a great home-based business and determine it is reputable and strong, join it and begin following the suggestions of those who have successfully worked from home.  

There is no need to tell your friends and family that they don’t know what they’re talking about.  Just tune them out and know that they only want the best for you.  Dive into your business, build it, and they will later say, “I knew you could do it!” 


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  • I appreciate all your nice comments.  Thank you.

  • Great PR Julie, I have a husband like that !!!  But I take no notice .....

  • Great Post and Excellent advice delivered.  All that matters is if you feel that you can achieve success in the business.  Liked and Shared.

  • So true,most just don't have the belief that it can be done.

  • Thanks to all of you for reading my blog.  I appreciate your feedback.

  • Top Member

    This is very good Julie and I have shared it for more to read. When a person that has decided to start their own business. Why ask others for their opinion, the decision has been made and they should proceed forward and not listen to the naysayers because they do not have the determination to change their lives. So why listen to those people, it's all wrong.

  • Thank you for sharing Julie. Great post.

  • Good post, Julie! Only listen to those people who have achieved what you want to achieve.

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