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Fighting With Time Losing to Old Age!

Fighting With Time Losing to Old Age!

For so many years I didn't fight time I actually embraced it. I used sentences like, "I'm only 30." "Oh well 40's the new 30!", "50, I still have lots of time."...
Suddenly I'm 60 almost 61 I've been through open heart surgery, eye implants, my husband had a heart attack and he's a lot younger than I am!
I'm sick and tired of embracing it so I started fighting it, 
"How you ask?"====>Continue
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    Time keeps moving, it never stops and that's why we should always strive to achieve our goals no matter what they are. Personal and business goals, as longs as you accomplished something in the day to move forward to achieve your goals. Excellent post and it's great to see you in the SE community.

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