Freedom means Discipline

If you will not change nothing will change

In case you want that things will change for you, first of all you have to change yourself. When you would like to do something different in three, five or seven years you have to start today preparing and causing this change. Decide for yourself if you want to live in five or seven years the same life as today, see the same results, have the same respect or non-respect from people around you...


What do you want to do? You will not awake one morning and reading in the newspaper that you've been declared over night as an expert. A man is so much an expert as he creates this role himself. In case you desire that something will change, take some time on a daily base to dedicate the creation of your expert-status. Reserve this time to build up your expert-status.

Prepare yourself through further education. Pin your target audience. Look for ways on how to "drill" into it. Attract attention. Write articles...

When the circumstances should be better for you, first of all you have to become better.

Here a great tip to get an expert very quickly. Already write today a one page advertising that draws attention to you as an expert and your special service or product. This has a lot advantages:

1. You are forced to think about every benefit from the client's point of view.

2. You will be able to clearly concentrate on the essentials.

3. When you are writing down your ideas you might discover that you will not like your idea. Consequently there's time to change it without eventual losing money, unnecessarily time and energy.

4. The various steps to achieve your expert-status are much clearer in front of you and you can define your target much more precisely.

5. You realize how to best meet the needs of the customers and you will ask again and again what will bring them the most benefit.

6. The entire process of changing is greatly accelerated. You start immediately.

So, what you are doing in your life does not only depend on strict discipline but also on your dreams, goals, values and strategies.

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  • Thanks Angela for stopping by and your virtual luv.

  • Great article Rieke.  If you don't change, nothing in your life will change either.  Freedom comes from Disciplining yourself.  Some great tips here.  Thanks for sharing.  Liked and Shared.

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