The Daily Meditation 10.03.2013


Chris Duvall, RScP

Wherever the Universe makes a demand upon Itself, out of that very demand is created its fulfillment — Ernest Holmes

I throw my imagination to the farthest heights and the inmost depths, and in so doing I discover the High Cause of renewal, the Answer to every question, the Source of all healing.  Who is it that suffers the human condition?  It is not the I AM.  When I am at one with this Truth, I see no thing wrong, nothing has power to hurt, and everywhere is miraculous beauty and unlimited opportunity,

Today I take hold of the words of Emma Curtis Hopkins, “no insistence that I am strong and every whit whole can be found exhibiting strength and wholeness if the vision is still upon the body’s misery claims.”  I apply her word to myself as well as to the collective.  I apply her word wherever there is past precedence, appearances of pain or decay, perception of injury, seeming discord, loss, burden, injustice, or the media’s news of the day.  I surrender such appearances and choose Light and the Way of Understanding, Joy and Ease.  Returning to First Cause, I take back the power I may have given to obstacles, opposition, people, emotional responses or fear.  I claim perfect health, perfect peace, and perfect accomplishment of divine will.

I make these demands upon myself:

  • to allow Divine Power to operate freely through me, clearing the way to a perfect manifestation of spiritual truth through my body and my environments;
  • to become willing to be fearless, free, and fulfilled, and to be undeterred by the pangs of unformulation;
  • to participate fully in a mutual life, in which I recognize myself, others and all nature as an inseparable and invaluable part of the whole.
In so doing, I reap the harvest of good for myself and others.  Every task or situation before me is a privilege and bears a gift, for which I am grateful.  Every person in my life is a divine messenger, even if in the rough.

I am grateful for Divine Power, which works through all who are willing, asserting Its health and Its peace.  I’m grateful that the word of Truth now vibrates through all of Life and is inevitably unfolding to the glory of God.  Believing and accepting, I release into the field of Law.  And so it is.

Chris Duvall is a Practitioner at the Rio Grande Center For Spiritual Living, Albuquerque, New Mexico. 
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  • Excellent article on Fulfillment.  Inspiring.  Liked and Shared.

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