Get your Fruits and Vegetables with +5

Get your Fruits and Vegetables with +5
What's the most important part of a nutritious diet? Most of us can automatically recite the answer: fruits and vegetables. And yet it can be tough to eat the daily recommended amount of produce, and most Americans simply don't. I've certainly been among that 75% — the estimated percentage of us who don't eat enough veggies.
I realized, though, that part of the problem was that I didn't really understand how much we were talking about. What does a daily recommended amount of fruits and vegetables look like? I decided to find out, once and for all. Here are 10 photos of fruits and vegetables, each one a complete daily serving. It might not be as much as you think!
How Many Americans Don't Eat Enough Veggies?
The Centers for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC) reported in 2010 that only 33% of adults were eating the daily recommended amount of fruit, and even fewer — 27% — were meeting their veggie quota. And that's adults; the numbers for teens were worse.
But instead of bemoaning the lack of moral (or, you know, vegetable) fiber of our diet today, let's make it easier to eat more fruits and vegetables. For me, it really helps to have a handle on what exactly, is recommended.
What's a Daily Recommended Serving?
There's not a lot that nutrition scientists agree on, but almost everyone seems to think we should eat more vegetables, and that they should make up a greater part of our plates. To this end, they recommend a very basic guideline:
Someone who needs 2000 calories a day should eat:
·         2 cups of fruit
·         2 1/2 cups of vegetables
These recommended servings come from widely accepted dietary guidelines that are still, of course, just rough guidelines. Everyone is different, and has different nutritional needs, so there's no one-size-fits-all plan, and perhaps you eat a lot more veggies than this every day (or a lot less fruit).
I have found a product that give you all of the fruits and vegetables you need for 1 day.
Harnessing the amazing, healing elements of nature in a variety of sizes, +5 is a potent, nutrient-rich extract of real fruits and vegetables with a whole lot more!
Using a patented WHOLE LEAF ALOE VERA as the main catalyst, the absorption rate of plant nutrients has been scientifically proven to increase. The truth is, “You Are What You Absorb” and with this patented process +5 cannot be duplicated.
·         + Natural Increases in Energy and Metabolism
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·         + Helps Maintain Healthy Cholesterol Levels
·         + Aids in Digestion
·         + Promotes Cardiovascular Health
·         + Aids Weight Loss and Management
·         + Helps Detoxify and Cleanse the Body
·         + Reduces Inflammation
·         + Contains NO Gluten, NO Added Sugar, NO Added Sodium, NO Artificial Flavors or Colors, NO Preservatives, NO Artificial Sweeteners.
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    Judy Garcia
~ Turned her Can’ts into Cans~~ Her Dreams into Plans  ~
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  • Great advice.  I always eat loads of fruit and veg daily, thanks for sharing.

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    Judy it's great to see you in the SE community and thank you for providing this informative and beneficial post for everyone to see. I will do my part and share it too for the many more to see.

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