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Go Beyond Your Peers to Succeed

Go Beyond Your Peers to Succeed


There is a lot of talk in marketing about mingling on social sites, forums and so on with your piers. It's fine to do that but your goal is to advance.

How do we do that? The first thing you must know is advancement comes from being around those that are not only where you are but also where you want to be.

Do you only mingle with those that you think you would be comfortable with, do you ever reach out beyond your comfort zone to those you think are unapproachable?


See, most people will only reach out to those they feel are on their same social, economical level. The thought of reaching out to those they perceive to be above their own status is the taboo zone.

This is far from what you should be doing. Yes, definitely you should be reaching out to your peers however, you should reach out even more to those located at the station in life you wish to reside.

It is not some myth that when you are around the people you look up to and respect you start taking on their actions, values and posture.


Remember they too are only human, you have nothing to fear by reaching out. Will they all welcome you with open arms, probably not. You however would not want to follow someone like that anyway.



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  • Great article Susan, it's important to continue to reach out to others as it also strengthens us to overcome rejection.  We have to realize that not everyone will like us, but as long as we give out with a clean, open and loving heart, we've at least tried.  Even if rejected, you still have made an influence on a life.

  • Amen, Merle.  We need to keep trying, and good things will happen.

  • Great post Susan, we have to reach out to others at some time or other and 9 times out of 10 you will get a good response.  Speaking from experience.

  • Susan, we need to reach out to others even if our attempt to connect is rejected. Thank You for your contribution.  

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    Thank you Terry yes it's true humility and love breeds kindness I think. Thank you for sharing.

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    Thank you Kathleen, yes all are important and no one is above you approaching! :)

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    When we all follow Jesus example of humility and loving kindness, then people will follow and respect you for who you are, not for what you are. I have tweeted and shared your post on Facebook. Have a good day Susan and thanks for posting your blog today.

  • Everyone is important so why not reach out.  Great post!  thanks for sharin this wioth us.

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