God is All of It

The Daily Meditation 10.01.2013

God is All of It

Glenn Buckland, RScP

glennbuckland-150x150.jpg?width=150Moving from Summer to Autumn I am rem
inded that while we live on a tiny planet in a vast, infinite cosmos we are part of something so much bigger than our minds can comprehend.  With perfect precision our planet spins and our seasons move us through another revolution around the sun.  I reside in awe at the Divine Intelligence behind it All and I understand that the sole purpose is for God, Source, Infinite Intelligence to express Itself as me and as you.  Each of us is a Divine expression of this one perfect thing.

God is All of It.  There is no part of anything that is not God.  Everything experienced is contained in perfect alignment within One Idea.  It is only good and it all returns back to the loving Source that fuels the soul, and the sun and the strawberries.  Nothing is ever wrong and every experience is God being God with Grace, Love and Divine Intention.

I am contained within this All.  I originate as a unique component to the One Divine Idea and there is nothing wrong with me. My life is my journey back to my Source.  My Source energy fuels my soul with Divine Intention.

I move through another Summer into Fall feeling empowered by the year’s harvest, prepared physically and spiritually for the quiet reflection of the pending Winter.  These cycles of the Universe that pace my life experience bring with them everything I need to evolve into my best and highest self.  The Perfect symmetry of the moon and stars beats a familiar and eternal rhythm in my heart that remind me that everything is possible and everything is made new again when I surrender to Spirit and allow the Grace and Givingness of Spirit to manifest as IT desires through me.  I harvest the lessons and gifts from this year and reflect in deep contemplation how Divine my life truly is.

Thank you Life.  Thank you for this experience, every minute of it, without exception.  I am steeped in gratitude for all my goodness  and many, many blessings.

With my word I plant another seed into the garden of life that has already begun to yield my crop of Love, Abundance  and Forgiveness.  It is here now and I abide in it.  I release this prayer knowing I am received and it is done.


Glenn Buckland is a Practitioner at the Rio Grande Center For Spiritual Living, Albuquerque, New Mexico. 
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