God is Unconditional Love

The Daily Meditation 11.13.2013

God is Unconditional Love

Kamatara Johnson, Practioner II Student


I recognize the Presence of the One Loving Source, That Which is Divine, God. God is Unconditional Love for all. God is the Comfort and Support, the Creative Energy of which all have access. God is Harmony in action as life unfolds here and now.

I am one with God, the Divine Harmony. I am an individual expression of the Divine. The essence of me is expressing the Truth of my divinity. I see the Presence of the One Loving source right as me in the here and now.

So I declare the Truth for myself. I know that unconditional love surrounds me, and I am honored as the God-being I am. I am valuable and deserving of the best and highest good possible in this moment. From this place of best and highest, anger and judgment have no hold. They disintegrate in the Light of the Divine. Divine guidance fills this moment and brings clarity to see as God sees, to see myself as whole, complete, and perfect, rooted in the Divine. I am a child of God, empowered with all the attributes of God, attracting other people, new opportunities, and greater abundance as my sacred vibration emanates outward in the adventure that is life.

I’m so grateful to reconnect with the Truth that is me, to release all that does not serve and focus on the Divine, always the Divine that empowers, emboldens, and expands. Gratitude for the way this Universe works and how I can grow consciously with the support of the Divine…fills my heart to capacity.

So I release this prayer into the Law, knowing that it is already done and perfect.

And so it is.

Kamatara Johnson is a Practitioner II Student at the Rio Grande Center For Spiritual Living, Albuquerque, New Mexico. 

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