Gold in Small Amounts as Currency During Crisis

Karatbars International and CEO Harald Seiz: Gold In Small Amounts As Currency During Crisis

At times, it can seem like there is a constant fluctuation between economic recession and economic growth. As we enter into one, it is predictable that the other is looming around the corner. This constant volatility of the markets leaves many investors weary about where they place their investments. Fortunately, there is an alternative option that doesn’t fall victim to the shortcomings of the stock market or economy. Gold is a more reliable asset than more traditional investments. During times of crisis, small amounts of this precious metal can be used as stable currency. While the value of cash rises and falls with the markets, this metal will remain the most reliable form of currency. Those who have invested in this precious metal will have an advantage over others stuck relying on the stock market.

Karatbars International is an industry leading provider in small gold-bars and other bullion-related items. The company was founded in 2011, driven by the mission to provide everyone with an opportunity to invest in small amounts of gold. The company’s headquarters are established in Stuttgart, Germany. This location is in charge of customer service and support, communication, marketing as well as delivery. Karatbars International has partnered with FedEx to deliver their products on a daily basis. The packaging process is always under video surveillance and close monitoring. The highly qualified and experienced team is dedicated to providing the best customer service to their clients. It is their desire to help customers make the best informed decisions possible in regards to purchasing this precious metal.

Harald Seiz and Karatbars: “Gold is the Unperishable Alternative to Paper”

Harald Seiz founded Karatbars International and leads the company as the CEO. He believes that all people should have access to solid financial protection. It is with this vision that Seiz has established his company. Harald Seiz understands that small quantities of gold-bars or gold-bullion offer an imperishable alternative to paper. When times are rough and paper is no longer of much value, gold will remain the supreme form of currency. Seiz has made it his mission to supply individuals with gold-related items to protect themselves from reoccurring inflation. Before founding his company, Harald Seiz began his professional career as an apprentice in the insurance and property industry. He then continued on to become an independent adviser for several different companies. It is with this experience in the financial sector that Seiz leads his company to help people find security through the formation of capital.

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