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I remember going to a seminar called Get Motivated. I had the privilege to sit among thousands of people who were all in the same room for the same reason. To get motivated! I remember Goldie Hawn's advice on how to achieve happiness.

1. Don't look for happiness in material things. She said , Fame and fortune, success and money don't make you happy. They are not the reason for deep-seated happiness.

2. Learn to laugh. Laugh at yourself, find your place of joy, find happiness in your worth.

3. Know what is important to you. You can't live your life like someone else. You must know what is important for you to be truly happy and live life by those standards.

Goldie reminded us all that once we realize how important it is to be content we will:

Be Healthier
Be Problem Solvers
Have Better Relationships
Live A More Fulfilling Life

Ending with "Our choices shift and change the course of our lives."

Thank you Goldie Hawn for your Golden Advice!

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  • Thank you, glad to share! You are all the best! Have a wonderful weekend!

  • Thanks! We all need reminding every once in a while.

  • I love this!  Such great advice.  I'll be sharing this post.

  • Great read Deana and I love Goldie Hawn !!

  • Godlie's advice sounds so basic and simple yet people make life so complicated. Thanks for sharing this, Deana ...makes my morning brighter!

  • Thanks for all these awesome comments. Much love!

  • Well done.  Thanks for sharing 

    Golden Advice!

  • Great read thanks for sharing

  • This is some great golden advice here. I like how you said you were motivated when you went to your seminar. There is something about being in a room full of like minded people with similar goals as you and that is to achieve your own happiness and this brings about a joyful feeling of humanity and universal love. Thanks for sharing this awesome article.

  • Very inspiring article Deana.  Goldie gets the golden egg.  Great advice given here.  Liked and Shared.

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