On a recent training call, mentoring and training were mentioned. 

 Unfortunately, it was not a positive comment.

 A new member of our team shared that she had been recruited and never heard from her sponsor again...she had no idea where to go to get started.

 It's a sad commentary on our Network Marketing business that this happens more often3818715646?profile=original than not.

 We all started as Newbies …. some of us just took off and ran with the ball while others like me made so many mistakes and wrong decisions that it’s difficult to think about them without cringing (or kicking myself).

 I worked hard learning the ropes of advertising on Craigslist, making friends on Facebook, following a few people on Twitter, and posting on a few forums. But I truly didn’t have a clue … I was just not understanding what it took to get myself branded….and it wasn’t over yet ….along came blogging and making videos on YouTube …. I felt overwhelmed and kind of a failure.

 I realized I needed help but I wasn’t sure where to find it. It actually kind of found me when a friend told me about a company that offered tools to generate my own leads , autoresponders, mentoring and training webinars to teach me all the things I was struggling so hard to master. It took me over two years in the business but I had finally found the secret!

 I’ll tell you what it is: The secret to becoming a success in Network Marketing is to find a company that trains you to market yourself in attraction marketing. One with the experts who have already mastered the skills of attraction marketing and are willing to mentor you, share their knowledge and techniques and teach you to perfect them.

 The companies who promise you $1,000 checks your first week in the business are offering the fulfillment of your dreams but there is nothing to back up their claims. How do you go about earning those checks? Their software or their systems cannot train you to build relationships the first week in the business or even the second or third.

 Master the skills of making your name recognizable, share good information with your Facebook friends, your groups, your Twitter followers and develop a relationship with the people you would like to have join you in your business.

 Learning to sell is important but people are not buying your opportunity or product …. they are buying you … your personality, your expertise, your integrity. People searching for an online business or tools to help build their primary online business want to know that the person they see online is real and reliable… someone they can trust. That’s the key!

It takes time and when you don’t see those big checks right away don’t be defeated. Be persistent, be consistent and don’t focus on the money. Before you know it you will have more friends and followers than you can possibly imagine right now....people who want to be part of whatever you are doing.

 Believe in yourself!

 Great Success & Abundant Blessings in All You Do!

Sandy Blomstrom 

 “What I am, is not out there.  It is in me”.  Helen Keller

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  • Thanks for commenting, Merle. So glad you didn't quit but persisted until you found the right company.

  • Exactly Sandy and I have been there myself many times.  Over a period of 10 years I didn't hear from any of my sponsors and like you started to feel like a failure - until two years ago when I hit on the right companies.  Thanks for sharing.

  • So very. true, Timothy.  There is no way to offer support to the "tire kickers" but the people who are coachable and want to learn should have that opportunity and not left to fend for themselves. Thank you so much for commenting.

  • Great post Sandy! I've also had issues with contacting my downline in order to help them as I'm sure we all have.One thing new people who sign up under anyone in any business is to be willing to communicate with their sponsor and upline or at least respond to email.In the end we are here to help you succeed.Although there are those who are just feeling the landscape and really have no interest at all.

  • Thank you, Ann for commenting and sharing :)

  • Thanks, Angela.  You are so right ... sponsoring doesn't end when someone joins your opportunity.

  • Excellent article Sandy.  Thanks for stating these true facts for more to see the importance and value of training and mentorship.  Liked and Shared.

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