Have Patience

To Have Patience is the will or ability to wait or endure without complaint.

Have Patience


Success of any kind can come to those who are willing to make an enthusiastic effort to serve and please others.

Don’t be fooled though, in order to do this, it will require that you have patience.  No business is built overnight and neither will yours.

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People who have practiced having strong spiritual values in their lives are usually the people who have more meaning in their lives, as well as more value in other area’s of life.  Even so, when it comes to patience.  There’s still a bit of a challenge.

Patience is often the most confusing of virtues. This is because most people don’t realize that patience is a learned experience! It just doesn’t seem to come naturally for most of us.

Three Areas Where Patience Brings Results:

1. Goal setting.Have Patience

Good personal planning involves no more than determining how you will get from your present circumstances to the future you have created through your dreams and vision.

Maybe you’ve heard the saying that anything good is worth waiting for.  Well not so, there is something you must do.  It’s up to you to make them happen.  Focus on what you want, then sit down and write out your goals and give yourself a realistic time frame.  Be specific.

Start by setting mini-goals within larger goals so you can get a better visual of your progress. You’ll feel motivated by your accomplishments when you see your plan developing.

“Nothing contributes so much to tranquilize the mind as a steady purpose — a point on which the soul may fix its intellectual eye.”—Mary Wollstonecraft Shelley

2. Learn new skills.

As we tend to grow older, it’s not as easy to learn new skills. It’s easy to become discouraged, and feel like giving up. It’s important to adapt to change and make the necessary changes in order to keep up with the times, whether it be skills or some other necessary personal appearance adaptation.

People who have been out of the work force for many years are completely out of the technology loop, and it can be challenging to get up to speed.

An example could be one such as this:  Having a broken bone is the best lesson in patience. In this case patience is born out of necessity. You learn how to do everyday tasks in a different way in order to stay mobile.

Taking up a sport, such as karate or yoga or even dancing, may feel a bit awkward at first, but with continued practice, one day you will begin to feel like a pro.  When babies take up walking, it’s a challenge at first, but because they refuse to give up and keep continuing to get up and take a step, shortly they are no longer walking but running.


Many times the act of patience can mean enduring or persevering in a difficult situation. We’ve all had issues with bad drivers or demanding bosses. Someone cutting in front of you in the grocery line.  If you were told you would have to go back to dial-up Internet, I’m sure your blood pressure go up. Still, it’s possible to use these challenges as opportunities to grow our patience.

Impatience can make people lose their temper and say things they really don’t mean. By contrast, patience promotes peace.

“Better is the end of a thing than its beginning; and the patient in spirit is better than the proud in spirit.”  Ecclesiastes 6:8

In this age of instant gratification, it is increasingly difficult to accept what is out of our power. Learning patience is therefore, truly an art. But it is an art worth learning for your own health, happiness, and healing.

To have patience sometimes requires you to pay a big price, but be assured you will receive a good return!

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To Your Success,

Angela Valadez

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  • Angela, I am deeply impressed with this post on patience. Certainly it is a quality that we need in every sphere of life. It is one of the areas I am currently developing and learning. Thanks for helping us focus on the value of patience to our lives. Shared on Facebook.
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  • Great post Angela, and yes you have to have patience in this game!  So many people expect instant results and when it diesnt happen you don't hear of them again.  Shared for you.

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    Angela I love this post because you definitely kept it real. Every word is true because you need to write your goals down, however if you don't take action to achieve them then nothing changes. It's simple as that. Shared everywhere for you.

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