Here I Go Wondering Again

Here I Go Wondering Again

There are some who are caught up in "Destruction".  The world will be destroyed.  The wicked will be distroyed.  This system of things will be destroyed.

Don't get me wrong, I too, wish for the end of systematic inequality.  Inequality born of ignorance of natural laws.  Universal laws and the wholesale buying into illusions.  

The shift in thinking that makes 'individuals' or 'nations' or those having material possessions "superior".  I wonder when it will die out.  When will the majority of the people on this planet, decide to be at peace and make sure we all prosper?

I wonder if there ever was a time when most of the people on earth worked for the prosperity of all.

I believe there were such times.  I think what is happening now in this 'age' is what happens to anything that becomes 'over ripe'.  It begins to break down.  It decays.  We turn our noses up at decay.  We think it is filthy.  Yet, what is compost? What is fertilizer?  Aren't they decayed matter?  Isn't there a purpose for decay?  

Decay or dead matter is the end and the beginning of life.  A seed comes from live plants, it dies or becomes dried out, is planted and starts germinating and growing again.  The cycle continues.  

We know about the cycle of plant life, the cycle of living things in nature.  But most times we don't apply that knowledge to what is happening in our own lives.  Or, with the world at large.  

We as a planet are out of balance with nature.  Nature is going to have its way.  We can try to keep it from happening, but it is goind to happen.  This planet, by law, natural and universal will get back into balance.  

What if those we think of as evil and wicked are people out of balance?  What if their thinking is 'out of balance'?  Does that make them 'satanic', pagan, or wickedly evil?

What if you as a person are not 'sinful' but out of balance with the laws of nature and the universe?  

What if some other men decided to call your state 'sinful'?  What if they decided to write a book telling you who were superior because they were 'chosen'?  

What if out of that came a way of thinking and living that said only people who believed as they did (those men) would live through 'the natural cycle of the earth returning to a balanced state' would live through that time?  What if all you life you were taught this?  What if you had a sneaking suspicion that 'you are not sinful' and you are not created to suffer on this side of the grave.  What if you suspect but you are afraid to say it out loud?

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  • This is a great post Bessie and agree with Terri.  Thank you for sharing.  Loved it.

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    The answer to the what if question is at Revelation 21:4. This is God's word the Bible and since he cannot lie, I do trust what he says. With God all things are possible. All wickedness will be gone from the earth very soon and people need to know when that is. The only way to know is by studying the word of God and having an intimate personal relationship with God. Happy to share your post Bessie for people to read.

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