High Blood Sugar? Diabetes tips


photo from http://images.medicinenet.com/images/slideshow/type2diabetes-s17-athletic-woman-checking-glucose.jpg

I have diabetes and do not do that well controlling it.myself.  Reading articles helps keep me motivated to do the right things, so I thought I would share some good ones!

This is a good overall post/slideshow on symptoms and guidelines for controlling blood sugars.


See more tips and articles that I share on the original post here -


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  • Top Blogger

    Hi Bruce and Sally,

    This is some great information. There are so many with diabetes these days and it tends to run in our family sorry to say. My mom came up with it not the type 2 but still and I really had no idea what to do for her at first. I think you have just helped a lot of people thank you :)

  • Hi Bruce & Sally--Thank you for posting the links to the diabetes articles...very well presented...:)

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