Hiring The Heavens

The Daily Meditation 09.02.2013 

Hiring The Heavens

Nancy Bowers, RScP

Lately, I’ve been “Hiring the Heavens;” enlisting the help of celestial beings to help me with the challenges I encounter.  I’m not always good at asking for help, so this has been a good practice for me.  What I’ve discovered is that it is easier, but it does require a willingness to trust.  If it’s no longer my job, then I must be willing to allow a higher power to intercede on my behalf and trust that what is happening is as it should be.  And so I pray: In this moment, right here, right now, I know there is but One Power.  There is but One Divine Essence that runs the Universe.  I call this Essence God or Spirit.  And in this moment, as I call forth my awareness of this One Divine Essence, I relax into the knowingness that that Spirit, that which I call God is Perfect. It is Perfect and It is All-knowing, and in its Omniscience, it is Wonderful Intelligence, knowing exactly what needs to happen to create what I have put out into the Universe.  It is Loving and Supportive and always says, “Yes!”  It is Giving and Creative and in Its Givingness, It blesses.  And I stand in this moment, recognizing how very blessed I am; recognizing that I was created in the image and likeness of God.  I am one with It.  I am what It is.  I am blessed and I am a blessing. And just I as I know this to be true of me, I know this to be true of each and every person reading these words.  My brothers and sisters are divine creatures.  My brothers and sisters are each of you reading these words, and you are holy, and you are blessed and you are God’s divine creations. 

So in this moment, right here, right now, I know how supported I am.  I know that it is God’s good pleasure to give me the kingdom and because I know this, I know that I can and do hire celestial beings to help me with my challenges. I am never alone.  I am always supported by God and by Angels, and by the Love of the Universe.  I have only to state my request, and my prayers are answered.

And because I know my prayers are answered, I know that the Love Buddy that I requested for every member of my church is out there helping each and every person to know the truth of who they are – to know that they are God’s beloved, loved with a depth that surpasses all human understanding.  I know that each person has a celestial financial advisor helping them to create wealth and prosperity and to share it generously with the community. I know that each person is now blessed with a personal organizer that helps them to align what needs to be aligned; to complete the tasks that need to be completed.  And finally, I know that each person is person has their own celestial physician, guiding them towards health, leading them towards healthy choices. 

And I am grateful for this, because I know that these Angels go out before each of us, making smooth and clear our paths.  I give thanks for this because I know that because of this, each member of the community and each person who comes in contact with our community is blessed beyond belief.  We each experience what it means to be the Beloved of God.  We each experience Unlimited Bounty and because of this we bless all those who come in contact with us.  Others may belief in Limitation, but we who know the Rio Grande Center for Spiritual Living, know abundance.  It is our birthright.  It is who we are.

So I release this prayer.  I trust because I know I have hired beings who are so much more savvy than I ever thought of being and they do the work for us. They guide us.  They lead us.  The path is sure.  The results are here now. Thank heavens.  How good it is to know much bountiful blessings! 

And so it is! 


Nancy Bowers is a Practitioner at the Rio Grande Center for Spiritual Living located in Albuquerque, NM.

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  • Thanks for sharing this uplifting article.  Liked and Shared.

  • A refreshing and inspiring post, Richard!

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