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As an independent business owner that has been in the industry since 2011,  the journey has been interesting as well as educational, from the different income streams that I have developed to sustain my online home based business the benefit of of financial independence is humbling. What I have learned is that success is limited to the effort put forth from a planned approach to a business idea that can create an earning for you, the key to starting a home based business is to find opportunities that fit your business direction, I started with affiliate marketing, which lead to traffic exchanges for exposure, and then PTC ( pay to click) for advertising the different earning opportunity offers, and to generate revenue to finance the advertising for my business.

The one thing that is changing the network marketing approach, is the different things needed to run your home based business and attract potential clients or customers interested in your offers, a personal website can separate your business from most that are operated from home. 


Depending on what you are trying to earn, there are several different approaches that can be successful in developing multiple income streams for your home based business, for example the different banners and web links you see in this press release are different income streams that generate an earning for my business. The training available in most of these programs when accessed, will help everyone that is attempting to take advantage of the opportunity and it's earning potential, for example the promotion of the opportunity above this text and the one below this text is actively working to earn me an income for my business, they both help me to finance my advertisement and also receive a residual income.

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  • Thanks for sharing Horace and glad it is working for you.

  • Thanks for the info Horace!

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    Great post thank you for sharing this with me. It is always good to have a plan :) I will share this for you...

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    Nice post Horace and it's good to see you in the community. Wishing you all the best in your business and life. Shared via Syndication Automation and Google plus.

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