Honoring The Divine

The Daily Meditation 08.03.2013

Honoring The Divine

Keith Auger, Member

keithauger-300x226.jpg?width=180I know that God is all there is, and that what I am is an expression of the all, a point of light in a brilliantly illuminated universe of universes, separate and yet united in oneness with all that is.  And as I know that this is true for me, so do I know that it is true for all sentient beings.

This being so, I awaken to and embrace my common humanity with all.  I release and abandon all thoughts of being more than or less than, better than or worse than, superior to or  inferior to, accepting not superficial visual appearances but seeing into the hearts of all and recognizing there our common kinship, our similar origins and destinies, our similar hopes and dreams and aspirations.  And dwelling on this truth I recommit myself to recognizing and honoring the Divine, the Holy, the Sacred in all sentient beings, accepting and rejoicing in my common kinship with all, neither better than or worse than, but equal to and special with all as an expression of the Divine.

I give thanks for this realization, for the release of all judgment of my fellow sentient beings, and for the acceptance of my equal and special origins, beingness and divine destiny with all.  I release these words, thoughts and feelings to the inexorable law of manifestation, knowing that as I believe, so will it be. 

And so it is.


Keith Auger is a Member at the Rio Grande Center For Spiritual Living, Albuquerque, New Mexico

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