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How Do You Get What You Want

How Do You Get What You Want

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Have you ever separated the degree of your wants? There are somethings you want in the long run, this is what you really want.

Then there are things you want right now. But, what happens when the things you want right now interfere with what you really want?

One example for you, a while back I had something come up in my marketing business and I really did want to do it however...

I had to decide if I was going to get what I wanted now, or if I was going to wait and get what I really wanted coming up in a few months.

What you really want is your dream, instant gratification is not your dream. Instant gratification is a whim. Look at the difference this way...

You build a house but have to save up for electricity. There comes up an opportunity to get a day of electricity.

But it means you might have to wait a long time or many be never get electricity. Which do you chose?

How Do You Get What You Want?

You adjust your thinking, your life and the way you look at what you really want. Keep focused on the (thing) whatever that might be that you really want.

Get tunnel vision to anything else. Focus so hard on what you really want that it is the only thing that you can see. You think about it in the morning, you think about it all day long and it's your last thought before you sleep.

That is how you get what you want and no one but you can do this for you.

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  • Great post Susan and very inspiring words.  Loved reading it.  All the best.

  • Aw thank you Susan for such a motivational message. You know that "dust yourself and try again" statement is so true. I know for sure that your true desires do come after you have continued to fail and get up and fail and get through those lessons and tests to help you understand how bad you want your dreams to come true. You can not have that lottery ticket mentality when it comes to your dreams. there is always two paths in life and that one with instant gratification does have great rewards but it will also be temporary where the long path may have struggle butt the end result of lessons that make your spirit evolve and so many long term rewards involved wow you can not get any better than this right!

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