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How Negative Turns Positive

How Negative Turns Positive


Positive people over look the negative aspect of life. Let me ask you when someone tells you 'no" do you just write them off, have ill feelings or maybe...

You see it as a personal attack?

In life as in business you should never do this because, the results of your negativity effects you more than their "no".

How many times have you approached someone they told you no and you walk off grumbling with ill feelings thinking, "FINE, it's your loss!"

I have a little secret for you...


"It isn't their loss, it's yours."

Positive enlightenment shrivels when ill feelings sticks it's ugly head up. When you lose that enlightenment your body actually goes through a chemical change.

Think about...

A time when you were told no and got upset with the person. What did your body feel like? If you can't remember then think about it the next time.

I want you to talk a look at this positive news story. Think about how you feel afterward.

I want you to see who are the real winners. I want you to remember to not write those off that tell you no. I want success for you and this is the only way to get it.

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I wish you all positive enlightenment,


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  • Top Blogger

    HI Angela,

    Yes we do have the choice but so many think they were just dealt a bad hand. What they don't seem to understand is that in our life we can always draw more cards :)

  • Thanks for sharing on turning negatives into positives.  We all have the ability, we just have to make the choice to do so.  Liked and Shared.

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