How the Cloud Can Transform Business

How the Cloud Can Transform Business

This is a Guest Author Post by Diana Smith

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According to Business Insider, approximately 90% of global internet users are already on a cloud. The number is very big and it says a lot about cloud computing. The types of cloud services follow and they will open many possibilities of cloud use you maybe have not yet heard off. Then, general benefits of cloud computing are listed. Finally, we talk a bit about security measures in a hope to crack a myth that cloud storage is insecure.

Types of cloud services

In order to grasp vast possibilities of using cloud computing we need to know what cloud services can do for us. The first service we are to mention is Software as a Service. It is a software which is used for various functions such as e-mail, desktop applications, accounting and payroll. Some of the general benefits of a cloud computing apply to this service as well. They include accessibility, updates, easier administration. Alongside Software as a Service, there is also an Infrastructure as a Service. It is a type of service in which a third party provider hosts recourses over the Internet.

This type of service have access to servers, storage devices, central processing unit. The third service is called Platform of a Service. It allows running and developing web applications. With this service, you can do it in an easier way. On the other hand, there is a difference between public, private, hybrid and community cloud services. As it names says, a public cloud is available to general public. When it comes to a public cloud, bear in mind limited security protections. They are also characterized by low cost.

An access to a private cloud has a particular organization. Data security is higher than in a public cloud. In addition, private clouds are more expensive than public clouds. A community cloud is a type of cloud which is shared among several organizations. It is in a way similar to a public cloud, but it is more secure. Finally, hybrid clouds are a combination of a private, public or community cloud.

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General benefits of cloud computing

Cloud computing is used everywhere now. From business to education, it is indispensable. The first benefit is that cloud computing costs less. The update of a cloud is included in the cost. A cloud computing provider upgrades everything for you. There will be no additional expenses such as buying new upgraded hardware and software. Goodbye to additional external hard drives and backup tapes. With cloud computing services, you will be always sure that you have enough storage space. You can add or subtract storage space anytime. There are no more licensing fees. You pay for only those cloud computing services you actually use. When it comes to cost, one more thing should be mentioned. You do not need to pay expert stuff anymore. Nowadays, it is important to think in an eco-friendly way.

That being said, cloud computing saves energy. Whatever happens to your laptop, for example will automatically influence the access to your data. In contrast, all your data can be accessed from a cloud anytime anywhere. The only thing you have to have is an Internet connection. Clouds can be accessed from any device. Whether you use a Smartphone, a tablet, netbook or a desktop, you can be sure you will have access to your data. Do not forget syncing. Everything you have on your desktop can be automatically updated to any device you have. Collaboration is at its highest level when it comes to cloud computing. It allows all employees to work together. Cloud computing is the perfect option for a small business. Over at FreshBooksyou can find the best accounting solutions related to small business owners.

Securing a cloud

Even though it is said that clouds are not secure enough, it is not quite true. They are as vulnerable as any other device. As with any other device, you need to develop security measures. People who have access to data in your organization should be under scrutiny and receive a special training. Provide extra protection to databases which are the most vulnerable. Encrypt your data. It means that you create a zip file and you encrypt it with a password and then you move it to the cloud. Some cloud services have their own encryption.

We hope that you discovered something you did not know about cloud computing and that you are now aware of many benefits it has.

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