How To Build Resistance To Stress!

When a body is under stress it demands for more vitamins, minerals and amino acids. This demand is increased by a factor of 10. When our body is under attack, under stress, we need more nutrition and more fuel. A stressed body has a hard time assimilating nutrients and eliminating toxins efficiently.

While living in a crazy world, we need to give ourselves all that we can get. Juggling our daily tasks have become more challenging than ever before due to economic changes and pressures that we have these days.

As I continue to study Massage Therapy I am constantly learning about health strategies to use which will allow clients to build resistance to stress.

            These are the following healthful tips I suggest for managing your stress levels.

  1. Go for a walk! Simple walking even if it's a short walk in the beginning, making sure that you have good walking shoes can be one of the best forms of exercise. Even if it is only ten minutes, remember that any new habit begins with small steps.
  2. Jog, bike, or swim. Exercise will increase the flow of endorphins, those natural pain relievers, also known as the runners high! Exercising two or three times a week will improve your circulation and help to relieve tension and anxiety. You will also start to enjoy life more!
  3. Get outside.Regular exposure to outdoor light and fresh air can reduce stress in general to lift your spirits. This will also aid in SAD (Seasonal Affective Disorder)
  4. Stretch! Practice stretching every hour or two. Make sure you do this properly, and ask your massage therapist for suggestions. Stretching will help to relieve muscle tension and even prevent injury.
  5. If you feel that stress is overwhelming you, please do not hesitate to seek a professional counselor.
  6. Get an annual physical to rule out any conditions that may be contributing to your stress.
  7. Ask your physician or a naturopathic doctor for recommendations for vitamins and supplements. Some supplements help to increase energy levels and balance hormones and other chemicals in the body.
  8. Drink water! Many of us forget to drink enough pure water.
  9. Take a Yoga or Tai Chi Class.
  10. Get regular massage to reinforce your ability to let go of stress.

I hope that you find these tips helpful and I invite you to learn more about a natural whole food approach that I have been sharing with others.  I encourage you to get in touch with me so we can talk about some of the things that have worked for me and some of the things that have worked for others that I know.

Enjoy your fabulous existence and enjoy your journey towards better health.


Your Wellness Advocate,
 Deana Hodell, LMT

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