How To Develop A Winning Attitude

Attitude is a manner of acting, feeling, mood or thinking which shows one's disposition or opinion.

Anything new can be a little intimidating at first, but you can do whatever it is you're going after. Just realize that it is your attitude which determines your altitude – in business as well as in life. It's also important for you to know that it's impossible for you to change someone else’s attitude for them. The only attitude you can change is your own.3818709507?profile=original

There are, however,several ways each of us can develop a winning attitude each and every day. Check out what a couple leaders thought about this.

Dale Carnegie, speaking to that quote said: “Yes, if we think happy thoughts, we will be happy. If we think miserable thoughts, we will be miserable. If we think fear thoughts, we will be fearful. If we think sickly thoughts we probably will be ill. If we think failure, we will certainly fail. If we wallow in self-pity, everyone will want to shun us and avoid us”.

Marcus Aurelius, the great philosopher who ruled the Roman Empire, said it simply: “Our life is what our thoughts make it”.

While confidence is an essential attitude, cockiness imply isn't. If you're in business just to profit from other people's misfortunes, chances are you won't go very far. If you're in business to help people out of jams and hopefully make a nice living while doing it, that's a winning attitude.

Mental attitude is the power we hold in our minds. It is possible for your reality to be changed dramatically by something as simple as a single thought. In terms of leadership, it’s more likely that you are what you think.

Contrary to what people want to believe, outside influences don’t usually determine your happiness or success, rather it is how we react to those influences – good or bad. So how it is possible for you to change your reactions to those outside forces? Easy...

To change your reactions to outside forces, you will have to make it a conscious priority to do so. This means that this well have to become a daily practice.

1. Humor

When things don't seem to be going in the direction you desired, you will have to learn to keep everything in perspective and relax. Laugh out loud. Throw up their hands. You can't laugh and me angry at the same time.

2. Practice positive self-confident feelings.

They not only help you achieve more; they also make others want to be associated with you. People are drawn to others who have an upbeat outlook, who have a can-do attitude. Those who are constant complainers will be unable to collect an easy following.

One of a leader’s most important jobs is to set a positive and self-confident tone, exuding the attitude that failure is not an option. A positive attitude is the cornerstone of leadership. It’s the same confidence that a quarterback, a golfer, or a tennis star or athlete projects every time they come out of the locker room.

In order to gain strength from the positive and refuse to be sapped by the negative, here are a few ideas:

Always focus on the 90% of your team who will run with your vision and your plan - don't let the "negative deadbeats-" drain you or poison your team.

Learn how to tap into your spiritual essence at work too - begin to use your spirit and your heart to move you and your work forward.

3818709448?profile=originalBreak the negative energy cycle – if you see or feel yourself spiraling down or in a rut, mix it up, breakup the routine and do something fast that lifts you up. When you see one of your team members in a rut of unproductive or unprofessional behavior address it, never let it fester.

Active listening – takes time. Work at it, so that you will be able to hear what your team wants. Often just by being heard, problems can go away and people really make a big turnaround.

You must be the emotional manager of your office - not your assistant, not the new hotshot you just hired. In a family, parents must be the emotional managers or chaos rules the home. In your business, you must wear that mantel, albeit reluctantly at times. It’s part of your leadership role and power. Hone it, as well as your reactions to external events, and you’ll see the culture around you shift to the positive.

When in doubt, don’t hire – keep looking. It's impossible to grow revenues consistently faster than your ability to get enough of the right people to implement that growth and still become a great company.

Therefore, unless candidates for the open position have that can-do attitude and are a strong fit for your company in who they are – don’t hire them. The skills can be taught. On the other hand, a positive attitude cannot.

Your prerequisite is always a Winning Attitude because this is the one thing we can’t change in employees. Either you’ve got a good attitude or you don’t. Given adequate ability and desire to learn, everything else can be taught to employees with good attitudes.

A negative attitude will pull you down, as well as your professional results. But a positive attitude will pull you over the rough spots and energize you to lift your results to new heights – to match your vision.

Whether you need an attitude adjustment a couple of times a day, once a week or only occasionally, never forget that your attitude determines your altitude. Don’t let outside people or events bring yours down.

Keeping a positive attitude is extremely important. Yes, there will be bumps along the way, but you will see that the rewards will far outweigh the risks. Believe in yourself, believe in the market, and continually envisioning your success will get you to your goals sooner.

"We haven't the time to take our time."--Eugene Ionesco

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