How To Increase Your Reading Skills

Increase Your Reading Skills through Speed Reading

Increasing your Reading Skills will be an ongoing process.  This is something that anyone can do if they are up to the challenge.  Most people can in fact do this without the sacrifice of  their comprehension skills.3818710304?profile=original

The good thing is this:  Being able to read faster also allows you have more information at your disposal. It is possible for some people to read an entire book at one sitting. Once you realize the secret of increasing your peripheral vision and exercise your eye muscles in the correct manner.  You will begin to see a drastic change in your reading abilities.

3818710270?profile=originalUnfortunately, there are still many people who have to read out loud or finger through their reading to keep track.  This can be very frustrating as well as time consuming.

The good news is this:  Saccade.  What is this, you say?

It is any of the rapid, involuntary jumps made by the eyes from one fixed point to another.

There are some people who can only read one word per saccade.  This then forces them to have to perform many saccades per line of text.  The faster reader can absorb more text per line which enables them to have less saccades per line of text. The really good readers can even envelope one saccade per paragraph.

This can be done and is quite possible.  It is a learned ability.  Yes, it is possible to decrease the number of saccades per page as well as the speed of leaps between saccades.

In order for you to be able to improve your ability to absorb words per saccade, it is important that you perform some exercises in which to train your mind to absorb more information. Many people are taught to read one word at a time. This is great for beginners. However, as you grow older and get better at your reading skills, it’s important for you to increase these skills through practice.

Don’t concern yourself with comprehension at the beginning. Just try to expand the focus of your mind as you go through groups of words. You can exercise this habit by scanning through a text document with the emphasis on speed and word recognition. Contrary to what some may tend to believe, your mind is neither slow nor limited to a certain number of words per minute. Once you begin to train your eyes to scan and recognize quicker, your mind will follow suit.

At the completion of this type of exercise, you will want to test your comprehension next. Do you remember what you read? You can use any book to perform this action; or you can use a reading application which is specifically designed for just this purpose.

Learn the numerous eye-movement exercises to help your eye muscles react more quickly and to help you read faster. These exercises will usually involve lateral eye movements which are good warm ups before reading activities.

Never over stress your eyes.  Give them a few minutes break between readings. When practicing your speed reading, remember that rest is very important.  Your eyes will need a chance to refocus and rest in between reading sessions.

Using Speed Reading as a means of learning how to increase your reading skills will bring about an exponential increase in the inflow of knowledge and information you receive.

Given proper reading training and techniques, one may be able to increase his or her reading speed by as much as four times upon the first few days of training.

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Angela Valadez


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  • This is fascinating, Angela.  I read fast now so I'll try this and maybe read even faster. Love it!  Blessing!!!

  • Thanks Kathryn.

  • Hi thanks for sharing  'How To Increase Your Reading Skills'   My daughter took speed reading with a free online course and it does help.  Great article... well done


  • You too Angela

  • Thanks Merle.  Have a great weekend.

  • Great post Angela and very interesting.  I have never tried that but have always been able to read quickly so this will make reading even quicker.  Thanks for sharing this interesting read.

  • Thanks for your comment Carolyn.  Great feedback.  Have a great weekend.

  • Great post! I took a crash course in speed reading in college and this is exactly what they said to do- pick up more words per look, as I think of it. It really works, but I don't do it all the time. It's work, and sometimes I read to relax. When you need information quickly, there's nothing like it. A good skill to learn.

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