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How to Make Millions It's Not That Hard to Do

How to Make Millions It's Not That Hard to Do


How to make millions seems like such a mystical questions doesn't it? I mean how many people wonder this? Do you know it's really not that hard?

No I'm not out of my mind

The making of money is not the problem the problem is the intestinal fortitude to stick with something and being willing to give up things and do what it takes to make that money.

Many think that dreamers are the ones that make the money. No, for they are just dreamers. Without action dreams are just dreams there is no money to be made there.

To make millions there is really only one thing that will get you the money you want and that is...

how to make millions

Through out my travels of life the past 57 years I have many times heard those that whine and cry they are not rich. Those same people when ask to come in on their day off or work over time...

Said no.

So many times I heard people say they wish they could be rich, they would go home lay on the couch and watch TV. Many times they would start a business it would not take off in a week...

They quit.

Then you have those (wondering how to make millions) talking to others that are living life on their own terms and this is what they will say, "Oh, that stuff don't work"


You see I live my life on my own terms. No I don't have a million dollar house because I don't want one. If I did I would get one. I'm a country girl; I love simple and that's what I do...

I do simple :)

I live my life my way, not the way others think I should.

What you own doesn't make you rich however; owning the ability to live your life in the manner you want does.

Things do not mean someone is rich. People can have many things with (many bills) that's not rich.

Over my life there have been millions of dollars still I am me. I got where I am by total determination and that is how you will get there too.

Just reach out and grab that one thing, "that's all you have to do". Grab it hang on to it and do not let go until you have made your millions.

The Thing?


In marketing it's never about you and ALWAYS about the other person. Believe it, Remember it,  Practice it and success will be yours.

Susan J. Boston


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    Hi Merle, I am glad you enjoyed it and thank you for sharing :)


  • Excellent Susan and great advice.  Have shared for you.

  • Well written and thought provoking article Susan.  Thanks for sharing.  Liked and shared.

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    Very well put :) thank you for your comments and all the help you give us all.


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    First thing I will say some people are born quitters, and that's who they are. It's bad programming of the subconscious mind when they were young. Secondly I am rich in many blessings from God. Money does not define me. All money is a means for me to buy the things I need and want. I do not seek to have millions and be rich because God's word at 1 Timothy 6:9 tells me what happens when you are determined to be rich. It's a fact and the proof is all around that shows this is true.

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