You already know exactly how important social media has become to your success, and every day a new social media or networking portal pops up and everybody jumps on its bandwagon. I think many companies have discovered the hard way that there is not magic bullet with these various sites. At this point in time, the shine of social media has worn off a little bit just because what happens there is typically not the way it was portrayed in the content. You’ll have to be the one to decide if this is for your business.

If you have ever networked with others in business, then this is similar to that. But have no illusions that this is not work because it is and you can’t just go through the motions. On the other part is you will need to devote some time to it and more than a few times per week. If you want to increase website’s exposure through social media, social adr is a great marketing tool that you can consider. There are a few things at the heart of this and once of them is value and being sure you offer it to your community on the various social media networks.

Always write back to the people who contact you, through whatever means they use to do so. This is all very easy to do, and you don’t have to answer all posts on your wall at Facebook, but at least show up. This is all about communications, and that is the obvious part about social media. People will want to know things and you’re suppose to be the expert, so maybe how about acting like one and not like something less than that. And when you do overlook communications, then that is when they will start to abandon you.

While your audience is going to tell you over and over again that they do not want to be marketed to, what they actually mean is that they do not want you to talk down to them. There’s no reason to be anything other than just yourself, and remember you need to be able to write in your own voice. What you speak with them about and how you do it is just your personal choice and decision although it will have a bearing on things. The best thing is they stay on your site and your bounce rates are low and all your attendant metrics are in the green.

How effectively you can make use of social media depends on your knowledge of it. However, if you have the money then you can hire a social media expert which is not a bad idea at all. And never forget what the most important things are with these sites, and learn more all the time.

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  • Hi Christopher,

    I liked this post so much I posted it to my blog. Don't worry. It is contributed to the link here at syndication express. Thanks for this. Here is the link so you can check to make sure the content is contributed to you.

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    Social media if you are going to use it has to be used. It is about interaction. When you get to the point you have brand advocates they will take care of a lot of the replies for you. Until then and even after you still have to be present. 

  • Great post Christopher and I must admit social media sites are great places to interact with people but as you say must be done in the right way.  Really enjoyed reading this and some very helpful information.

  • Top Member

    Hi Christopher I enjoyed reading your blog post today and found it to be very helpful. Speaking from experience, the social sites have been very good to me. However I do recommend that people should become educated first before attempting to use sites like Facebook, Twitter and Linkedin. You don't want to start off wrong because it could harm your presence online. I will share your post for more to see. LOL and so glad to have you here. I wish you all the best Christopher.

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