How To Overcome Being Camera Shy

business women shyThere are a lot of talented network marketers out there that are camera shy. The reality is that YouTube is the #1 source for information next to text such as an article, blog post or press release. So the question is, why are so many people afraid of the camera? In this blog post I will show you what you need to do to overcome camera shy.



Let me start off why most network marketers are afraid of the camera

1. It just feels weird to talk to a camera

2. Most get tongue tied when they try to speak into a camera.

3. Most don't know how to start a video let alone how to end it.

4. Most don't know what text to put in the headline and into the body.

Now all of these points above I had issues with in the beginning but I just kept going with it and continued to learn how to market myself using the camera. My best advice whether you are new or a veteran in network marketing is to keep practicing. The best way to cure FEAR is to go into ACTION and not just action but MASSIVE ACTION.

The best way to get rid of  feeling weird behind the camera is to practice with the camera off. Now before you decide what you are going to say, you must first take a deep breath and relax. Close your eyes just 20-30 seconds and breath slowly until you are able to relax. At this point your heart isn't racing out of your chest, it's pumping in a relaxing state. Now you are ready to open your eyes and just start speaking.

Now before you say anything, make sure you practice what you are going to say. You must wright down notes on what you are going to be talking about. Use bullet notes with the topics you are going to be talking about and try to cover them in a 3-5 minute video. The reason why most people get tongue tied is because they don't have notes on what they will be covering. At this point if you just turn on your camera you will start to pause, say a lot of ummmm, and not know where to go.

The next thing you need to do is to start your content with the subject of the video then you should end the video call to action imagewith a call to action. So many marketers start a video talking about something else and never telling their listeners into a call of action. For example, if you have an e-book on how to effectively use video to build your business and when you speak you start to talk about your network marketing company. You will lose your viewer Quickly because they weren't asking for that. Make sure you stay with the subject, talk about the pain, then the benefit ( solution ) and last A CALL TO ACTION. This maybe directing them to a link to your website, phone number, meeting, link to download etc to whatever you are promising your viewer.

Last is to make sure you pick headlines that congruent to your keyword. Now I'm not getting into the traffic portion of video in this blog post but you must make sure your KEYWORD is in your headline, body and tags. This is very important to rank and most importantly for people to find your video when they are searching for that keyword. Your headline should state what you are offering such as "How to effectively use video to build your business", then in the body place your link FIRST then a small article explaining what you are presenting in small detail. This is not a place to throw up but you want to go into brief detail of what you are offering. Make sure you place your link at least 3 times if you are offering a product. Top, Center and bottom. Always make sure that in the end of your video you explain to click on the link below or some form of CALL TO ACTION.

Here is a quick video that I did to explain how all of this can come together

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  • Top Blogger

    Hi George,

    Great post about cameras I have to admit the camera has never been my friend LOL The only thing that has worked for me in doing videos is to pretend I am talking to one person. It was the same technique I used when I first started working at radio stations back when I stared out.

    Thanks for the great post,


  • Great post George and I know exactly what you are talking about.  I am exactly the same although I keep trying and hopefully it will get better.  I have used notes in the past and found this helped a lot.  Thanks for sharing.

  • Excellent post, George.  After reading it a few more times, I might even get brave enough to give a video a try.  Thanks so much for sharing.

  • I used to be that way myself,not saying I'm very good at video. I've just found the best way is to just do it and not care how you come across in the beginning.We all get better with practice.

  • Top Member

    This is wonderful tips you have shared on helping people overcome being shy when making videos. I have shared on Facebook, Google + and tweeted. I look forward to reading more blog post from you George.

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