How To Relieve Stress

In order to Relieve Stress you must first realize that no one encounters sustained success without some type of stress, massive strain and challenge.

How To Relieve Stress

Never allow stress to leave you feeling insatiable and needy.  Put the brakes on and restore your balance.

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Realize that Stress and Worry are the “assassins” of Rest.

To Relieve Stress You Should:

1. Articulate your “feelings and passions” with others.

By putting stress into words through interaction with others you can begin to thwart the seclusion which is often felt during the later period of burnout. Trading of ideas seems to act as a shock absorber by relieving the anxiety and putting things into the correct perspective.

2. Recognize the need for rest.

Everyone needs breaks from work.  Regardless of where you are in life, you need to realize that you must rest in order to successfully proceed to the next phase.   Time off is utterly essential in invigorating mental attitude and creativity.

3. Distinguish your energy patterns and then plan to work accordingly.

We all have high and low levels of liveliness. Find out when your high energy levels take place and then begin scheduling the stressful functions only during those times.  This will alleviate the wear out and energy loss.

4. Only schedule one energy taxing pursuit at a time.

By scheduling only one demanding situation at a time it will avert work pileup.

When you do schedule more it tends to make you believe that you need to accomplish more, thereby mitigating the stress of’ feeling overworked.

5. Engage daily in physical  exercise and other activities.

It’s imperative to partake in physical exercise because it inspires the body and refreshes the mind.  Our brain requires physical activity in order to regenerate the senses and enhance performance.

Exercise also tends to build physical resistance, as well as, making us feel better about ourselves. When you allow stagnation to set in, your strength and energy are both lowered, which allows you to become more vulnerable to physical and emotional distress.

6. Fracture your projects into smaller increments.

By cutting a large project down into smaller components, it never looks as arduous or overwhelming. This then allows us to embark upon it piece by piece, never realizing how immense it actually is or was until it’s actually completed.

7. Learn to Delegate.

Rather than seize every problem that comes up, we should allow others to share in problem solving and decision making.

8. Just say “No.” 

Never allow yourself to feel duty-bound to take on assignments or do special projects which aren’t mandatory because this can sometimes lead to feelings of anger and hostility.

How To Relieve Stress

Saying “yes” all the time can lead to feelings of powerlessness; while being able to say “no” gives us a feeling of confidence, influence and satisfaction.  We need to give ourselves the choice of what we want to be concerned in or committed to.  This is the kind of control we need to have in order to become stress free and anxiety free.

Relieve Stress by taking confident charge your time and never allow others to infringe on your own commitment to rest and recovery. Take a “Time Out” when you need it.

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