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I don’t know about you but if you have ever attended a live presentation, then you know that Powerpoint slides can be very powerful, or sometimes really boring. So if you want to have a truly great presentation online, you’ll need to learn how to make your Powerpoint video blog both engaging and entertaining, as well as informative to keep your viewers interested in what you have to offer.  It doesn’t have to be hard if you keep these 6 steps in mind.


1) Do you have a Story to tell?



Everyone loves a good story, and your blogs audience is no exception. When you are creating a Powerpoint presentation that you plan to use in your video video then be sure it tells a story.  It must be complete with a beginning, a middle and an end.  If it doesn’t, your audience will get bored very quickly and lose the plot. No matter what you’re teaching, chances are there is a solid story behind it. Find your story, and you won’t have to worry about boring your audience.


2) Use Images and Text Sparingly


Don’t just do an old fashioned Powerpoint with tons of bullets, silly clip art, and blocks of text. Remember, your Powerpoint is there to enhance your presentation, not to be the entirety of it. Every word and image must serve its purpose, not just take up space.


3) As They Say Less is More


By letting each slide have just one point will go far in getting your message across. When it comes to a Powerpoint presentation, less is always more. Do you read all those bullet points on a presentation and still be able to pay attention to what is being said during the presentation?  Maybe you do but not everyone wants to read them.   Keep in mind that images, less text, the right font, and charts will help the viewer understand your story much better.


4) Quotes Are Great to Use


Try using famous quotes to get each of your points started. They’ll jog your memory but also intrigue your audience.  A good quote can get you started on your point and even make your point for you. If all they remember when they watch your presentation is the quotes, they’ll retain a lot more than normal.


5) Make Sure You Limit Fancy Effects


All these flashy transitions, texts that bounces onto the screen and any other eye-catching effects have their place, but too much will only distract your audience. Limit their use to those places where you really need the emphasis. In addition, mixing and matching effects will lead to a chaotic-looking presentation, so be consistent in your choices.


6) Never Give Up Just Practice, Practice, Practice

 Never Give Up On Your Dreams

It is not necessary to be perfect, but practicing ensures that the sound and appearance of your Powerpoint video is understandable and as professional as possible. If you use the right tools, such as Powerpoint with Camtasia add-ons you’ll be able to make excellent, professional Powerpoint videos.


Lastly, try using PowerPoint as a starting point, then combine other technology to help you make your video more interesting. For example, it’s easy to use green screen technology to put your image inside your Powerpoint slide. You can also use a huge TV screen as your monitor while standing beside the presentation. You’ll need to have the right kind of camera settings in order to record the screen correctly, but the results can be fantastic.  

So what are you waiting for !!  Practice makes perfect ………

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  • Thank you for your comment Dennis.

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    I have been consulting for companies making powerpoint videos for a little over a year. Companies are surprised when they send them over for editing. From a branding aspect the goal is to remove the chatter leaving only the important message. 

  • Thankyou Sandra

  • Merle, Thank you for the helpful tips on making power point work for us.  Shared on google+.

  • Thank you Terri, you too.

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    Merle this is great post on how to turn a Powerpoint into a powerful video.  As you know video is a great marketing tool to use for business, because you can always upload it on Youtube. Have a blessed and successful day.

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