How Was Your Day?

My answer...

With a full schedule today, a 4 hour meeting followed immediately by another 1.5 hour meeting left me pretty drained (having to present at the last meeting). Headache and all I drove home, had supper, and then opened my laptop to start my home-based business. And, guess where my first stop was? Before email, before the latest weather report, I stopped in at IBOTOOLBOX to get my daily dose of great IBO membership posts! Yep, tends to be my top priority each time I 'start' my home-based business efforts anew for the evening or weekend ahead. Taking the time to read a good number of posts, add my comments, Like & Share many of them, puts me in the right frame of mind to do my best at the tasks at hand for that evening or weekend. 

IBOTOOLBOX and the great community of members has become an extremely valuable resource for my business and for me personally. Obviously I highly recommend folks reading this post who aren't already members to sign up tonight, tomorrow, or as soon as you can. And there is zero cost! 

Thanks for reading my PR! And, how was your day?!

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  • I am in full agreement with Terri and Susan ... IBO is a fantastic platform for business owners.  Thanks for sharing this, Mike.

  • Thanks for sharing your day Mike and agree IBO is great but I know I don't use it as much as I should.  Time is an issue but I do try and get on there daily for a short bit.  

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    Hi Mike, yes IBO is great I must admit though shamed face that even though I've been with them for ever still for some reason it's hard to navigate for me and I'm not sure why. But I do love it.

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    I can validate and recommend IBOtoolbox as a great platform for business owners and I am a happy member as well. I believe that it works great with the Syndication Express community too. Shared via Syndication Automation and Google plus.

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